Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Visitors for a Day!

After reading a few horror stories... I mean, articles... online yesterday, my husband insists that I get a flu shot on Friday. *sigh* I am not particularly keen on the idea, however I understand his concerns, etc. There is one condition though. If I DO end up getting sick at all... Cory better prepare to give me the royal treatment! ha!

On a better note... Yesterday I had visitors! Yea!

My sister and 2 of her kids came over to hang out! The girls worked on making some Christmas ornaments for my sister's tree and little Jaxson hung out playing cars and other things to keep busy! I would post all about it... but my sister already did HERE. You can head over to her blog and see the absolutely HORRIBLE picture of me making applesauce with Jax. (Can we say... puff ball?) -groan- *Ok-she cropped me out of that one--phew!*

Have a happy Wednesday!


  1. You do *not* look horrible AT ALL! You are pregnant and wearing a look fabulous and I would never post a picture of you where you look bad!!!!

  2. You are a beautiful expecting Mama! I wish you many blessings to come as you & your husband begin your journey of parenthood with your precious blessing from God above!


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