Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What a Stinker! Literally!

My house stinks.

I'm not even kidding.

I thought it was that bag of rotting potatoes that I found in the kitchen earlier last week. That was nasty! *gag* Threw it away with hopes of fresh air!

No such luck.

I can't even figure it out! My mom thinks that maybe it's from the humidity.... just eeking out all of the funky smells from the carpet, furniture or whatever.

It's an odd musty smell. Part of me thinks it's coming from the basement. When I go down there, I smell it, but not as much (methinks because it's cool down there, so the smell isn't magnified?).

Thankfully, Cory has taken to opening the windows in the AM before I get up to air things out a little.

I must mention though... the 2 bedrooms upstairs... do NOT stink. We keep their doors closed through the day to keep the cat out (and even at night). Let me tell you, getting up 7 times in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom... I walk out into the hall and BAM! It hits me! I thought it was just my pregnant nose... (because even the inside of my cabinets smell bad enough to make me gag right now)... but Cory started to notice it too.

We're baffled. We have cleaned. We have febreezed the furniture... no luck.

We run a dehumidifier in the basement because we've had drainage issues (water runs off the hill behind our house into our garage/basement drain... which was backing up MAJORLY... but is now a bit more under control after clearing the drain). Could it have something to do with moisture in the basement?


PS--Cory read my last post (without my prompting) and informed me that he hadn't planned on (or thought about) getting me anything on that list for my birthday! HAHA! Oh well, I tried! Guess it will all just be a surprise!!


  1. hmmmm mystery smell...
    call scooby or the ghost busters...
    wait nm they don't do smells

    what does it smell like...other than bad?

  2. Just kind of musty... with a hint of exhaust (however, we don't keep our car or riding mower in the garage)... that's why I'm wondering if maybe it has something to do with the moisture in the basement... hopefully not mold though!!!

  3. Have you tried sprinkling baking soda on the carpet to let it absorb any funky odors...then vacuum it up later?

  4. eeeep, yep that definatly sounds like basement stink. Hopefully a dehumidifier or two takes care of it. Just be careful, because the smell could be from basement mold and you and that lil nugget inside of your tummy need to stay away from breathing that stuff in :)

  5. I second the baking soda. Also, it sounds weird, but try leaving bowls of vinegar out around the house. Cats and dogs (usually) won't drink it, but put it up high, just in case!

  6. Something else you could try is pouring some bleach down the drain, when I worked at the animal hospital we did this to all the floor drains in the dog runs once a month and it cut down the smells alot;)


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