Thursday, January 31, 2008

not much....

I haven't had much to say the past couple of days. I have been filled with anxiety and worry over the meeting Cory and I were going to have with our pastor. We met last night and it went OK. Niether of us knew what to expect, it was ALOT of questions though! I envisioned myself crying the whole time... but I didn't and I think its all still pent up! lol As far as anything being "resolved"... there are still issues, but he gave us some things to think about. Please keep us in your prayers. And please keep me in your prayers for my anxiety. I know that Jesus tells us in The Sermon on the Mount (a number of times) "not to worry" and "not to be anxious"... its almost like the more I try to do well, the worse I fall back into the patterns. Like satan keeps pushing me down. Its frustrating. I want to over come it and move ahead with life. I know I can't do it alone... so please, pray for me.

I have a meeting tonight.. but I'm tired. I went 10 miles on my exercise bike this evening! WOW! Yeah. I would like to crawl in bed and sleep the night away (and get rid of the mindless babble in my head that plagues me with worry). I am thankful that we are able to sleep... and I'm thankful that I have a nice warm bed (with like 6 blankets on it!) to sleep in. I just hope I can get home in time tonight to get some good shut-eye! We are supposed to get a winter storm tonight... mostly Ice, I think. Unfortunately, I'll still probably have to trudge my way into work - since 5 miles isn't really all that far out.

Hope you've all had a lovely day! Mine was BORING!... You should check out all of the sweet goats HERE! I love this blog!! (and I just bought some Patchouli Goat Milk Soap from her Etsy Shop! WOOT!)


  1. Awww...her goats are soo cute!

    I am sorry you are having so much anxiety. i will definately be praying for you and I hope you feel peace. Anxiety is a horrible thing to go through. If you need to talk, i am here.

    Any sales on your etsy shop yet? I posted the link on a post on my blog...hopefully some of the girls checked it out! :)

  2. Yeah....i was looking into adopting a 4 yr old boy from China who was almost X's exact age. He is soo sweet. My heart breaks. But when we sent in our papers..we were let know that we don't make enough money :(


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