Wednesday, January 30, 2008


So I found out last night that my grandma was having surgery this AM on her knee!! No one told me! My mom just randomly brought it up!!! Glad I found out though!

Today, my coworker, Cathy and I decided to have a friendly weight loss challenge. She is getting married on Aug 2. So from Feb 1-Aug 2... we are going to see who can lose the most weight. She has more to lose than I do... but we are going to go by percentages so that its fair. (i'll have to have cory help me with that). We're going to keep a log of our weigh-ins, etc. Luckily, since we work with the warehouse, we can use the pallet scale to get our weight. LOL! I weighed myself today and I've lost 5 lbs since the beginning of the year! I've really been trying to watch and exercise! My main goal is to fit nicely into the clothes that I already have. I can't afford to get new ones.... but I'm not going to complain if I lose a little extra. The prize at the end of the competition is that the loser takes the winner out for a nice dinner (to treat ourselves). We're both excited. Cory already works with me on losing weight... but I know that its an encouragement for Cathy that I "compete" with her and keep her accountable. :)

Pray for us: Cory and I are going to talk to the pastor about some faith issues we have--which is why we haven't gotten engaged yet. (although my commitment issues are still another factor.. lol). I am nervous.. my stomach is swirlin'!!!

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  1. sorry i didn't tell you about grandma..i just figured you already knew...for pete's live right near her! LOL

    Congrats on the 5 lb weight loss! That is awesome! i really need to work at getting this weight down!!! I want to look nice for chris and heather's wedding.

    Good luck with your meeting tonight. I pray it helps open Cory's eyes! xoxo


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