Saturday, January 19, 2008

It's past my bed time!

I am up a little later than normal. I just don't feel like getting up to get ready for bed yet.

Like my new and improved background/layout? Thank you, Katy, for helpin' me out with that!!

So, tonight was the employee appreciation dinner for my work. We went to a nice country club in the next town over (there are almost 500 employees--plus their dates and it was pretty cramped!). My BF, Cory, wasn't able to make it due to some prior arrangements with friends that I knew he couldn't back out of... and that he didn't want to back out of(which is A-OK with me!). So, I asked my dad to go with me. Turns out that my uncle (who works at my company's other facility) brought his daughter along instead of his wife... so that was nice for me... hanging out with my cousin. Anyway... we told them to save us seats. We get there and they are sitting WAY in the back corner--which actually turned out to be the front corner because the microphone was at our end of the room. We were sitting, the only ones at our table, people were mingling and eating their salads,etc.... when all of a sudden... the President of the company (who is very intimidating, I might add)... his WIFE sits down across from me. My cousin (Meghan) and I looked at each other... like "UH-OH!"... (She used to work at my company during the summers when she was home from college). A few minutes later... the big guy comes over and sits RIGHT BESIDE MY DAD! I gave my dad a sympathetic look. Here I was trying to be nice... have my dad come with me to a free buffet dinner... and he ends up sitting by the INTIMIDATING PRESIDENT of the whole company!!! He gave a little smirk and shrugged his shoulders. From 6pm to 8:45pm we were at this dinner. Luckily my dad was an awesome sport and was able to chit chat with the pres... even made him laugh a couple of times. I was just minding my own business, chatting with meghan to try to avoid any conversation with the men. Behind me sat a girl that we knew from school. Meghan saw a ring on her finger... THE finger. So, she motioned and mouthed to me "Is she engaged?"... I had no idea.. I couldn't see the ring from my angle... so i scooted around and saw it. HUGE! I waited till the next round of applause (as they were giving out awards).. and I tapped her on the shoulder and said "hey, are you engaged?". I was just trying to be friendly--and curious. She looked at me all weird-like and shook her head NO and turned back around real quick. I was a little surprised... I figured she would at least SAY something. (maybe its a sore subject!?). So... on we go with the dinner.. where one of the names being called was "Drukenbrod"(Droo-Ken-Broad)... and the guy at the microphone said "DRUNKENbroad". The place ROARED with laughter (she just happens to the the HR lady that no one likes). I admit, it was kind of funny... but I was kind of embarrassed for him. I really think it was an accident. So, I went up to get dessert... some kind of strawberry cake... some orange cake... and chocolate. Well.. we only saw the chocolate pass on a plate, going to someone's seat to be eaten. I knew my dad wouldn't like the fruity cake... so I waited for chocolate. And waited. And waited. Soon, there were a half dozen of us waiting for chocolate. We were even waiting patiently! And one of the ladie's bringing out the trays of cake was like "NO MORE CHOCOLATE!". It was really snotty! We were aghast at her response.... and we hadn't even asked!! So, I took back a piece of orange and a piece of strawberry... and like I thought, my dad turned it down. So, who said they would eat it?? The President of the company, of course. So I handed it over. Oi Vey! Well, I didn't win any awards... or door prizes (surprise, surprise)... but it was good to hang out with my cousin and spend some time with my dad. Oh yeah, and that girl with the ring... when we got up to leave after everything was over.... I turned to her politely and said "Sorry about that, we just saw your ring and were curious if you guys had gotten engaged" (her bf was there too)... and you know what she did? She snubbed me! She looked at me and didn't say a word.. and walked away! UGH! I was stunned... although.. I guess by the way she reacted the first time, I shouldn't have been. Oh well. No loss to me. The ride home was interesting... chit chatting with my dad. I apologized for his crappy seating arrangement... but he said that he was glad he went. He even shook the pres's hand and thanked him. (He hardly gets out to do anything---work). I'm glad he went too. Although I do miss Cory. I haven't seen him since Thursday!!!

Alright--I'm off to bed. I can hardly keep my eyes open!

Oh yeah--here are a couple pics of me and my cat and dog... I love them!


  1. LOL sounds like the dinner was quite a hoot. That was good that you and dad got to hang out together and then you got to spend time with meghan! :) I am glad you like your blog. We can play with it some more sometime if you want. :)

    Your pics are cute!!! :) Have a great week!!

  2. That sounds like some dinner! Yikes the boss sat at your table too!!


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