Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My Wednesday Night Tragedy....

I'm telling you what... this is NOT my week! Something absolutely tragic happened tonight. I was sitting down to finish my 2nd mitten (from the purple sweater I got this weekend). I was so excited to finish this pair of mittens... I got right to work. Well, I popped in a Seinfeld dvd and stitched away... finally, the mitten was done!!!! Yahoo! I grabbed the first mitten so I could try them on... and much to my chagrin... they were both right-handers!! AHHHH!!!! I called Cory immediately with the news. Luckily he lifted my spirits. I almost cut the stitches out of one mitten to flip it around... but he encouraged me to make sure I maybe had enough wool left to create a left hand. *sigh* So, I went and got the sweater and I think I can squeeze a lefty out. I am just so bummed... all of that time - wasted. Maybe I'll do something crafty with my extra mitten--once I stop holding a grudge against it. lol!


  1. oh no! hehe! Sorry...that is kinda funny! i hope you have enough stuff to make another one!!! :) those mittens are GREAT! i love the pattern on them!

  2. they are going to be awesome mittens when finished! Hope your eye is better


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