Friday, January 18, 2008

Getting a new look...

Tonight my wonderful sister is kind enough to help me spruce up my blog a bit. Good thing she knows what she is doing... I have no clue! I am an "instant gratification" type person... I don't like to wait... and I don't like to research or take time to make something happen... I like it to just happen. Not one of my better traits! However, with her help, I will hopefully be able to reflect myself through my blog a bit better and actually enjoy the look and feel of it. It's so "cold" right now.

I have a pile of sweater material sitting on the chair in my living room. It's starting to stress me out... but I know that I want to make some mittens... so it's a reminder to GET ON THE BALL!! I finished my orange mittens and posted them in my Etsy shop. They were a bit challenging to make because the yarn was so thick. I like the way they turned out though and I hope someone else will like them too!!! (I'm crossing my fingers... its that "I want it now" trait of mine)

A goal that I set for myself the last part of 2007 was to really concentrate on my selfish attitude. I would be selfish without even realizing it... just in every day things. The pastor at my church once said that when you get annoyed with someone or something... it's because its "putting you out"... "making YOU upset".. YOU YOU YOU... which translates into ME ME ME! I noticed that I have been REALLY annoyed with almost everyone this week. They don't even have to do anything and I'm already annoyed. (Maybe I'm just annoyed with myself). I have totally slipped up on my goal of being less about ME and more about OTHERS... and I need to get back on track. It's hard though! There is a little part of me that is still fighting... wanting to be in a bad mood... wanting to bite peoples' heads off. I need to over come it... something to add to my prayer list!!

Hopefully next time I post... this page will be turned upside!!


  1. Hey! Your profile looks different on my computer...but it looks good! :) it doesn't look super different...but the colors are just different...know what i mean? I do want to change the comment area though so that then you can read it is harder to read on my computer. But i think it is a good look for you for now!!!! :)

    I know you have a hard time with other people and get upset with them easily...but I think it is wonderful that you recognize it and are trying to work on it. My suggestion is that everytime you get that feeling of annoyance of someone...just start praying. Ask for the feeling to be taken away...ask for a spirit of selflessness and empathy and compassion for other people! He will hear you!!! :)

  2. Hey, Dev! I think your blog looks good... I love the pic of the countryside. A nice, earthy look... reflective of you for sure! It's fun to read your thoughts and even though I'm an absolute dunce when it comes to the whole blogging thing.... it's good. Hope your Etsy shop does well! You've got some great talents, girl!


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