Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Welders Flash and Battery Acid

You will never believe what has happened to me today! I work at a welding and fabrication place... and while I was walking through the shop... a worker stopped to talk to me for a second... and when I turned back around, another worker started welding and the BRIGHT blue flash practically blinded me. Talk about INSTANT headache! (an all-day headache!) Then... I came home from work, grabbed a shower and decided to try out this scale for shipping my Etsy stuff (not that anyone is buying anything)... so I take it out of the box (mind you it has already been used before by my mom or sister or something).... and I am trying to turn it on. I flip it over and find the battery thing (because it wasn't working). I slide it open... and see that there are batteries and thought "hmmm... maybe they just need readjusted"... and went to slide the cover back on to flip the scale over.... and WHAP!!!!!!! Something flung in my eye! I freaked and ran to the bathroom to rinse it out. UGH!!! After a few mins of that, I went out to the living room to get the phone. I thought maybe my wet hair flung some drops or something... but as I was dialing my mom... I opened the battery compartment up and noticed a liquid on the cover... and THEN on the battery!! I started telling my mom and she came right over. Then called poison control. The lady said to flush my eye out for 15 mins (standing in the shower) and to call back in an hour to let her know how its doing. AHHH! So I got back in the shower.... and stood there--trying to rinse... but it hurt to have water on my eye! So I finally got out and got dressed again... only to sit here and wait to see what happens, I guess. I thought I should go to the ER or something.... but the poison control lady didn't seem too freaked. So I dunno. It's not bugging me really--other than feeling a little scratchy. So please pray for me!!! This is just nuts!

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  1. Ouch!!! What a day! I hope your eye is OK! Hopefully sleeping will help!

    And don't worry...stuff will start selling on Etsy...it just takes some time :) I have faith!!! :)


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