Saturday, January 5, 2008

It's time...

I am ready to take down my Christmas tree!!! Unfortunately... my dad wants to see it... and so I just can't bring myself to tear it down yet. He's been over to my house while it's been up, but not while it was lit up! So... I'll have to get him over here so I can get my house back to normal. This year I got a smaller tree than last. I live in a tiny house and my living room is an odd shape with 6 doorways! Makes it hard to arrange furniture, let alone find a place for a tree!! I am posting a picture of my dog, Boo - with the tree in the background (I'm not much of a photographer!). I am a fan of shiny, gaudy ornaments that the tree lights reflect on. I put all but about 5 of my ornaments on my tree this year!! (I have A LOT of ornaments!). I really enjoy the old ornaments that came from my great aunt after she passed away. They're unique. Some are normal christmas balls with vintage designs, others are odd shaped - I don't even know what they are. But they were a nice addition to my collection! Next year, I am going to nix the real tree and use a pencil tree that I got this winter. (Unless I move into a bigger house by next Christmas). Just makes more sense!

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  1. Wow the lights on the tree look cool in that pic!!! And boo is so cute! You aren't going to get a real tree next year? oh my gosh...that would be so weird!!!!!! But i understand why you won't. :) I will see you tonight!


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