Thursday, January 24, 2008

My puppers...Boo...

So, the people I bought Boo from (as a puppy) told my mom that she (Boo) is the only pup that didn't get moved far far away from them. So I would like to take her to visit them sometime (since she was their favorite out of the litter). I also would like to send them a pic or two... so I took a couple today. She wasn't being too cooperative--but let me know which you think I should send them!!!

Do you think she will know her momma when she meets her again? I didn't know if dogs could sense that? (I think the up-close pic makes her schnoze look weird... I won't send that one0.


  1. I like them all and bet they will too. Bet Boo would enjoy seeing them but bet she would be even happier to come back home with you as she knows she is home.
    Goats usually have between 2 and 3 kids. Sometimes they may have only one and sometimes they can have 4 or 5!

  2. I agree...i like them all!! They all look great! :)

  3. Thank you for praying for Patricia. She truly is one special lady


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