Monday, February 4, 2008

Skatin' on the Ice...

So, Saturday... Cory took me Ice Skating.

I drove out to Cory's house... and then we drove to Altoona... through the beautiful windy roads of central PA.

I actually didn't get car sick!!!
Skate time was from noon til 2PM...
We only lasted till 1.
Haha! We're gettin' old!


In other news... Friday was supposed to kick off the weightloss challenge for me and my co-worker Cathy. Well, we had really horrible weather and she wasn't able to make it to work. So we weighed in today and took "before" pics of ourselves. I wasn't too sure if I wanted to share the photos (she'd prob kill me!)... but I thought it best to have a comparison for later on down the road. We weighed ourselves on the pallet scale at work.... and then took the pics in my office. Forgive my horrible attire... but I don't wear good clothes to work!!! (Cathy said we should look solemn in our before pics so that we can look super happy in our after!)




  1. YAY!!! you guys can do it!!! Best of luck to you both!!!! :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering! I see you have my picture on your sidebar -- do you want the coding so it will act as a button and send people over?

    There are a couple of really great blogs I've found for weight loss, living well, accountability, that kind of thing. You're welcome to check them out from my site (click here and then either of the buttons at the top of the post)


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