Sunday, January 27, 2008

Something ELSE new!

So... today I started something new. I wasn't going to even try... but Cory encouraged me last night (when we were at the craft store) to try it out. SOOOO... I am making moon pendants. They are just simple, really. I got a mold and some clay... press them, bake them, paint them and hope they turn out OK! I am not the best painter in the world, but to me... these are just fun expressions. By no means am I into astrology or anything... but I just love to look up at the moon and stars at night. So this little project is something I enjoy. I've spent most of the day on it... and its a bit time consuming!! One day at a time though!

The smaller ones I would like to make into earrings!!!

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  1. wow..those are really cool devon!!! :) I have never seen those before! :)

    about the GLOW thing....i have to base it through my church is the only logical thing...but i want it to be open to anyone who wants to do it.


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