Sunday, January 20, 2008

Some new threads...

This afternoon I went to visit Cory at his friends' place. On the way... I stopped at Goodwill and browsed the racks. I found some really nice sweaters. Not too thick, not to thin. I think they'll make some nice mittens. I really love the purple sweater with the pattern on it. I hope to have some more mittens made by the end of the week!!

It was really good to finally see Cory! I had a nice time talking to a couple of the ladies there. I am hoping to learn how to crochet the next time I go over there! I've always wanted to learn how to do that. I guess maybe I could just ask my mom! Maybe one day I'll have a post about my new-learned trade!


  1. i love that patterened sweater!!! That is going to make some beautiful mittens!!! Glad you got to see Cory!!!

  2. Hi Nen,

    It's nice to meet you. You are so adorable!

    Thanks for your lovely comment you left for me on my blog.


  3. Those are great sweaters for your mittens!!

    The place I posted on my blog is in Asheville NC. It is Biltmore Estate. The largest privately owned home in North America....


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