Sunday, January 30, 2011

Can't Believe...

It's already been a week (almost... not until this evening!).

Life has definitely changed dramatically. I was going through some major anxiety this past week... just the newness and bigness of it all. It definitely wasn't as peachy of an experience as I expected it would be! BUT... I am so blessed by this little baby... I wouldn't change anything for the world. (Except maybe her feed/sleep schedule!)

We had 2 pediatrician appointments this week to check on her jaundice. It wasn't as high as the doc thought it would be... but he wanted us to come in the next day to have her levels checked again. Good news... she had gained 3 oz (in one day!) and her coloring was looking better, so she didn't have to get that horrible test again! Everything is looking good. Of course, the other night when she was throwing up this nasty orange curdled cheese looking vomit... we were not so sure! But she has been fine since... just wants to eat ALL. THE. TIME. Props to all of you breast feeding moms... it is a tough job! I hear it gets easier... I hope that's true!! I find myself feeding in the wee hours... trying to keep my eyes open and not slump over snoring!! I am not a good daytime sleeper.. so I'm having a hard time adjusting to her schedule. All I can say is that I hope it gets easier.... soon!

I apologize for my lack of blog-reading. I feel so out of the loop from everyone... but I guess that is to be expected! I hope to get back into it more as things start balancing out for us. Cory goes back to work tomorrow... I am dreading that! He has been so amazing!!! But luckily I have help coming every day next week... so I hope I won't get too overwhelmed!

One of these days I plan on sharing my labor story... :)


  1. She's gorgeous. :D I can't imagine how difficult it is to adjust to the new lifestyle, but I'm sure you'll get the hang of it soon. Congrats again!

  2. the lack of solid sleep was the biggest challenge for me after childbirth! She is a beauty she is!

  3. The breast feeding gets a LOT easier. It took about 5 weeks for Reiley and me to get adjusted but after it is sooo easy, hopefully you can hang in there! Be sure to use the Lansonal (sp) cream, it really helps if you are sore! but you must be doing a good job if she is gaining already, go mom!!

    What a cutie!!

  4. She is precious. Here's to hoping you can settle into a good schedule for you and her. :)

  5. aww, I could never get that whole "nap while they nap" thing down either and just like you I pretty much always fought nodding off when I was nursing in the beginning. Let me assure you, you are doing everything right. :)

    She's a beauty. The schedule will come!

  6. You are doing great!!! Believe me, you will find a routine that works. Try to enjoy the little moments and she is just BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  7. Huge congrats to you Nen!! She is gorgeous!

  8. She is so beautiful. Makes me smile. Feeding will get eaiser. My first time I was told how easy it was. It was a little tough to me. Takes effort on Moms part. So much better for the baby I think. Hang in there! Glad you found some me time for yourself to blog a bit. Prayers & Blessings!


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