Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Blessed Beyond Measure

I hope she doesn't mind me posting this... but a long-time friend has started her own blog... and I wanted to share it with you.

I have known this wonderful lady since my days back in elementary school. However, I was the student... she was the school employee! I still don't know the difference in our ages (although that doesn't really matter) and we haven't kept up too much over the years. She ended up moving away for some mission work and other things that I am sure I know little to nothing about... however, the wonderful world of Facebook has reconnected us a bit. When she posted about starting her own blog, I figured I'd check it out. Even though it's only a few posts into the year, she has been very uplifting and encouraging (and even shared a yummy recipe for veggie beef soup in the crock pot!).

So, if you feel so inclined... hop on over to visit Sue! She is a lovely lady with a heart for God and an infectious positive attitude!!!


  1. Awwwww, gee thanks, Nen! Yes, we've known each other a lonnnnnnnnng time....LOL...and I'm a year or so older than your dad, so that makes me...ok, old enough to be your mom! ☺

    I appreciate the kind words and would love for people to check my blog out. I've been checking out some others and there are a lot of great ones out there! I'm especially encouraged by the ones that give ideas and tips on how to live a simpler life as well as the ones that point us all to the Lord (my personal faves!)

  2. That is so sweet of you girl! I'll check it out for sure!

  3. On my way there now. The soup sounds warm & yummy. Blessings!

  4. hi nen! i am working on more bags tomorrow! i cannot wait. thanks for your sweet comment! you are a joy! you are going to be a wonderful mother!


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