Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Know, I Know...

I should be resting. And I will, I promise... as soon as I share these pictures with you.

I haven't really had many cravings during this pregnancy... but over the last month, I have really been wanting some pie crust. Not the kind you buy out of a can in the refrigerated section... or even those graham cracker crusts... but REAL homemade crust. And all the better if there is actual pie filling too, right!?

And honestly, how hard is it to make pie crust? It's one of the easiest things to throw together in my opinion (flour, salt, shortening, water--TAA DAA!).... so I decided that I would make Cory an apple pie today. Ok, maybe it's more for me than Cory... obviously, since I'm the one who wants to eat pie crust! But I am keeping it all in one piece until he gets home. (THAT'S an accomplishment!)

And the heart... that's for him.

I'd invite you over for some pie... but you know, you don't ever want to take food from a pregnant woman. Especially if it's something she's craving! ;)


  1. Those cravings can get pretty strong. So eat up. I promise I wont be by for a bite. LOL! That was sweet of you to put a heart on it for your Hubby. Blessings!

  2. Looks yummy! I love all those pregnancy cravings! Now get some rest and let that sweet hubby of yours spoil you some more! :)

  3. I was glad you stopped by for a visit. I made the chicken corn noodle soup in my crock pot then put it in the jar. It did not last long. I did buy a canner & jars for this reason. I have yet to try it out. But while learning I plan on making the soup & then sealing the jars in my canner. This was just my quess of how to do it. I read all I could this past summer about canning on your sisters blog. Bought a book too. I want to grow as much food this summer & can it. You have any of that pie left? LOL! The jars of apple crisp were so simple & fast. Of course they are all ate too. I guess I got to get my apron on soon. Take care & have a good evening. Blessings!

  4. oh goodness, now all you need is a scoop of vanilla ice cream to go on top of a piece of that scrumptious looking pie and you'll be all set!

    Love the heart in the middle :)

  5. The pie looks delish! Hope it was worth the wait! :D And the heart is such a sweet touch!

  6. YUM! It looks perfect! I bet Cory loved it!


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