Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Still Waiting!

No baby yet... but I still have 13 days, so we're just playing the waiting game!

I have spent several hours today working on making homemade ravioli! It was my first time making any type of pasta... so it was interesting and a little more time consuming than I hoped. But I think it turned out OK and I feel good that I actually did it myself!! I'll post more about it (with pictures) tomorrow!

I've been trying to do things to keep myself busy... so now I'm off to write Thank You notes from the shower my church threw me on Sunday. It was such a nice little party and the ladies were so thoughtful in their gifts! I am so appreciative of everyone's generosity!! I don't have any pictures since I was the "guest of honor".

Hope you're all having a wonderful Tuesday! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. The waiting part sucks the most! I remember feeling like "UH, will this ever end?" then BOOM there was a baby :) Both of mine came before their due dates. For all you know it could be tonight!

  2. I have never made homemade ravioli. My boys eat a lot of canned ravioli. I am sure yours would be much better & healthy. I will be looking for your photos. That is if you don't rush off to the hospital before getting them posted. LOL! I am glad you had a nice shower. So sweet of your church family. I did a post about cleaning my cast iron. Come by & visit. Take care of the wee one & yourself. It wont be long. Blessings!

  3. home made ravioli sounds great! i bet it was quite a task but worth the effort!
    congrats on your shower and it really won't be long before a lil baby gets to enjoy the gifts!


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