Sunday, January 2, 2011

Moving on in 2011

How do you not be offended when someone you have been "friends" with your whole life... starts dating someone... gets engaged... and sets a wedding date... without even bothering to tell you ANY of those things? (Not even ONE detail... even to this day! I had to find out from my mom.)

When I say "friends"... it's more of a one sided thing, I suppose. I try to keep up via email, text, calls, snail mail......... yet it has ended up being pretty much one-sided for the past 2.5 years.

I guess that should be my first clue. If it's been one-sided for so long... apparently our "friendship" isn't what I thought or hoped it would be. But I can't deny that it still hurts my feelings to have been left out of such important life-altering details of someone whom I care very much about.

I'm not much for New Years Resolutions... but I guess perhaps 2011 will be a year to really take stock of those who are most important in my life. I can resolve myself to just move on from those who have removed themselves from me... and focus on my family and our (soon-to-be) new arrival.

Not to say that it still doesn't sting a little... but I choose not to make myself miserable just because I'm not in the loop. I have my own loops to keep me busy!

So here's to 2011 and MOVING ON!

.... and to less than 1 month till we meet our wee babe!! :) Eeek!


  1. Those lil stings can certainly open our eyes sometimes! I always do way too much analyzing when that happens to I like your motto of "Moving On"!

  2. You'll find that being out of the loop is actually a blessing, especially once you have that lil babe in your arms. Love your Moving On motto ... I may need to borrow that!

  3. Man, thats annoying! I'm thinking she doesn't deserve your friendship then. I'm excited for the new baby who will surely fill her spot:)

  4. I've been down that same road....and you're absolutely right! When friendship gets lop-sided like's truly OK to move on! If they were meant to be a part of your life, God will at some other point or season, bring them back. Love your attitude! And hey, you've got so much to look forward to in 2011!

  5. One sided relationships bring a sting for sure. In my case it is my sister. I was not included in her life any longer after our Paps passing. Not included in the expected birth of a new baby after her third month up to this day. I have never seen the precious child God gave her. He is 1 yr 5 mth old. I guess I should have seen it was one sided long before I did. I do still love her & miss what I thought we shared. Your idea to move on is best. From what I can tell your sister Katy & you have a loving sitsterly relationship. Enjoy each other & as you said you are expecting in a short time. The little wee one God has blessed you & Cory with will fill your lives beyond measure. I am excited for you. From time to time I have visited your blog & read wonderful things about you on your sisters blog. Happy New Year & Blessings!


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