Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It Was A Risk I had to Take...

You know how you go through 9 months of pregnancy... and your "normal" clothes somehow decide to just shrink! You can't fit into them anymore... so they sit in your drawers and closets... lonely, waiting for the day you'll shrink?.....


Today... my favorite jeans are BACK!!!

Ok, technically, I am not wearing them... but I could if I wanted to... and let me tell you...


I am down 16 of my 23 lbs from pregnancy... and even though the jeans aren't quite the fit that I'd like... it is awesome to be able to button them and not even have to suck it in!


I knew it was going to be a risk trying those pants on... if they didn't fit, I probably would have cried (what's new?)... but after getting 6 hours of sleep last night (not consecutive, of course), I had high hopes for the day...

Weigh myself? Why not?

Try on my old jeans? Sure!


Here is my girl today... soon to wake up for a feeding!!

(It's so hard to keep her little hands inside that swaddler!!)

Happy February 1st!!


  1. WooHoo! Awesome.
    And she is so so so so cute!

  2. she's so sweet!! Babies always look so peaceful when sleeping!! Yay for normal cloths that fit again!! :)

  3. she is so precious. congrats on fitting back in your fav jeans! :D

  4. DAAANNG! You go girl! I can't remember how long, but it took me a while to get there after both of mine and I didn't gain a lot of weight with either. I was back in mine and then I went back to work and now they're tight again...and I have no baby to blame. You've inspired me to get back into mine!

  5. Eloise is just so precious. Congrats yah the jeans are fitting. Thats pretty fast. I always heard brest feeding helps to lose pregnancy weight. Perfect photo of Mom & baby. Prayers & Blessings!

  6. You look so great and so happy! So glad those puppies slid on! ;)

  7. I'm jealous! ;)
    Truly though, that is wonderful!
    Sorry I wasn't able to come today. I had been looking forward to it.
    Hope you have a great evening!

  8. That is awesome, my son is 19 and I've NEVER gotten back into my old jeans, LOL!!!! She's so adorable, just a little angel:)


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