Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I'm sitting inside my warm house... looking out the window at the winter wonderland that is falling all around us! They're calling for 5"-8" by tomorrow. If it keeps coming down like it is, I think for sure we will get more!! (But I hope not!)

My doctor appointment went well today. The baby's head is down and the doctor said I could "go any day". He didn't check to see if I'd started to dilate though, so I'm not going to get my hopes up too much!! We're just waiting as patiently as possible! (Come ooooon baby!!!)

The doc told me to REST, REST, REST while I can, especially since I've been trying to get over this cold. I'm tired of laying on the couch... I've read 2 books in the past couple of days and I'm about to start another. It makes the time go faster and is much more entertaining than the TV. UGH. The TV... it's so obnoxious! Thankfully, Cory is able to spend his evenings at home and doesn't have to be out and about... so I look forward to when I hear his car pull in!

My cat, Weezer, has been abnormally clingy. She constantly wants to lay on my belly. That ain't happenin'! But she seems to be content just to be near me when I push her away from my stomach... and I must admit, it's kind of nice to have a snuggly couch buddy! She will be in for quite a shock once we bring the baby home... so I'm trying to make up to her now as much as I can!! (And while she'll still let me... my cat has.. mental issues. LOL)

When the dog isn't home... Weezer likes to nose through the basket of dog toys. Not quite sure what is in there that fascinates her, but she likes to look around!

(We had a little photo shoot today, if you couldn't tell!)

Oh yes, and I wanted to share the adorable hat that my sister made for the baby! Isn't it too sweet??

We have truly been blessed by those around us who have given us gifts for the baby! I just can't wait to start using them!! :)


  1. I saw this wonderful little hat for your precious baby on your sisters blog. Now soon your little babe will be wearing it. So good your check up went well. Do get your rest. You will need it. Bringing a little one into the world is a hard job. But oh so worth all of the work. Your kitty is so pretty. Snow is falling here tonight. Blessings!

  2. I'm totally bumming on that snow ya'll are getting up there. Philip is trying to fly home from Pittsburg in the AM and I'm betting they cancel or delay his flight. That SUCKS!

  3. I'm sitting here looking out the window at all of that snow coming down right now and I'm so glad to be inside where it's all cozy and warm! I'm glad that you and your kitty are snuggled up safe and sound!

    Just maybe wait to go into Labor until after the streets are plowed :)


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