Sunday, January 16, 2011

Decoration Challenged

I am not a decorator. I know what I like... funky, fun, unique... maybe a little quirky and eclectic... but I can never just put things together to my own satisfaction. (So unfortunately my house looks pretty "simple"--not quite what I am going for... but it is what it is!)

Maybe it's my fear of hammering too many holes in the wall because I just can't decide what I want where.

I still have pictures and odds and ends sitting around from when we first moved in, waiting to be hung up.

I should just suck it up and get out the hammer and nails.... but I just can't quite bring myself to do it.

Yesterday, though, Cory offered to help me hang a few things in the baby's room (since I have been mentioning it off and on for months... and never acting on it!). I figured I should take the help if he was offering.... and this was the end result. (Sorry, the mobile is kind of in the way)

I know, it's not overly exciting... but I still think it's sweet.

(And NO, just cuz the walls are blue doesn't mean we're having a boy! We SERIOUSLY have no idea what we're having... blue is just the color the room was painted when we first moved in!)

One of these days I'll get those old pictures and decorations hung up...

In the meantime, here I am at 38 Weeks!

I feel like my stomach got really big in just the past week! This afternoon my church is throwing me a small baby shower. Even though I want this baby out... I was hoping it would at least wait until after today so that it didn't throw a wrench in anyone's plans! Once the shower is over... I'm READY! (Cory is hoping we can hold out until after the 21st so he can get caught up on some work stuff. It's all in God's timing... I just hope it's sooner rather than later!)

Hope you've all had a nice weekend!


  1. ohmygoodness!! You look beautiful! And the room is the cutest thing I've ever seen. So adorable!

  2. Love the moon & the bees on the mobile. Have a wonderful time at your shower. I always loved how thoughtful others were by giving such great little baby items. I received baby furniture & clothing at my shower. Every thing was still in the boxes & plastic wrap. I went into labor. She came 3 weeks early. When I came home family had the nursery set up & the clothing washed & put in the changing stand. This is great you have things all ready. It wont be long. Blessings!

  3. Looks good to me and the baby isn't gonna care for a little while what color their room is! I like it!

    I had to chuckle at your remark about things sitting around from when you first moved in....I'm the same way...most of them, tho, are confined to one room...most....It's almost like making a commitment once that nail is pounded in...will I like it there or want to move it? Don't want to make an unnecessary hole! ☺ Glad Cory was able to help you!

    Sooooooooonnnn!!!!! And then you'll be so busy lovin' on that little one! YEAAAAAAA!!!!


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