Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cooped Up!!

Over the past month or so... I have been feeling REALLY cooped up in this house!!

After my little car accident in December, I was pretty much stuck at home most of the time due to not having a car.

Then, I got that horrible cold! I actually didn't mind being cooped up then, since I was so miserable. (Still fighting that off a little bit.)

And also... the SNOW! We haven't gotten a ton, but there have been a number of days where the roads were too bad to venture out onto (at least for a pregnant woman in her 9th month).

So here I have sat.

Reading books and watching TV.

Trying to REST since I hear that I won't be able to much once this baby comes!

But I am going a little stir crazy!!

So... needless to say... right now, I'm one of those whiny people who say "I'M BORED!".

Normal things I would do... like crafting... take too much effort. (My only work space is the coffee table... my "stuff" is upstairs... and with the leg cramps I've been having, I don't trust myself to carry it all downstairs! And if it were downstairs, the mess would stress me out! --Especially if I were to go into labor and had no time or focus to clean it up before heading to the hospital--).

Thankfully, my mom came over on Thursday and took me out for lunch and a little shopping.

Look at my cutie pie Mini-Burger that I had for lunch!

I blindly asked for "everything" on it... and it was loaded!!!! But it was good! And it was so nice to have some adult woman conversation and get out and about for a few hours!! Thanks Mom!

But... now I am back in the house... hoping I can talk Cory into heading over to a friends to watch the STEELER game this evening!! Can you believe, he has to work this weekend just so he can take Monday off--which is already a HOLIDAY for him? (UGH!) Oh well!!

I hope that, if you are snowed in.... (or pregnant), you aren't going crazy being stuck inside--like me!


  1. I love that you called that burger a little cutie pie. :)

  2. I know how you feel...but *home* is one of the BEST places to be! :) 2 weeks (give or take) your little one will be here!!! My gosh...I am so excited!

    I'm glad you got to enjoy lunch with mom!

  3. Yeah, I'm pretty much stir crazy with all of this snow too, but I don't even have the excuse of being pregnant ... I'm just too lazy to bust out my craft stuff, lol.

    Go Steelers!

  4. Definitely feeling cooped up because of the snow! I've started my spring cleaning early this year as a result. Sean and I have gone through our clothes and we have a HUGE pile ready to go to goodwill! Our closet looks amazing now, though. I've also started going through other rooms/closets and it's just astonishing what you keep/collect and think "hmm, I should keep this, what if I could use it some day?" Well I'm thinking if I haven't used it in 3 years...chances are I probably won't. Get rid of it and pass it on! Though you need to just rest up and enjoy! It's crazy to think any day could be the day for you!

  5. I can understand your feeling cooped up. I thought you were in the nesting stage. I did not know you were in an accident. Daa! I read your back posts to catch up. Praise the Lord you & the wee one were not hurt & the other lady also. Your comforter set in the crib is so cute. I never saw bee's. They are just so cute. How nice you & your Mom went out. That cutie burger looks pretty good. Blessings!


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