Thursday, January 20, 2011

38 Week Update

Cory drove me to my 38 week appointment yesterday.

He stayed in the waiting room... and I got ushered back into the exam room. The very HOT exam room, I might add. However, I got taken back a few minutes early, so I was optimistic that I would only have to fan myself with the little scrap of paper I scrounged up out of my purse for only a short time.


I waited and waited (and fanned and fanned)... luckily the nurse didn't make me get undressed or anything right away because that would have been even WORSE of a wait.

Just when I thought the doctor was coming... in comes a nurse with Cory trailing behind. (I can only imagine the confused look on my face...)

Now, he's come to some of my appointments with me over the months.... but he's never been "in the room" (except for during an ultrasound). We were told that the doctor was delivering a baby in a different part of the hospital.


So, we waited together.

I finally went out and asked the nurse if she had any idea of the status.... because (um, hullo!) my husband would need to get back to work soon and I didn't want to keep him waiting if it could be hours! I'd call my MIL to come get me, if needed.

We decided to wait another 10 minutes... and *POOF!*... the doctor ended up appearing like 20 seconds later. No joke. Can't complain about that!

We opted for Cory to stay in the room... which I think he was a little freaked out about (he is a bit squeamish). I have to admit, it was a little awkward having an exam with a bystander, even if it was my husband!! But I think it was good for him to get a little taste of it since he could be dealing with similar and more intense awkward situations during labor!

All of this to say...

I don't have much exciting news to share.

The doctor told me that I don't have a very big baby... which, hey... I'm OK with that! Hopefully it will be better for delivery! And she didn't seem concerned with the size, which is good!

Heartbeat was good...

And... I'm only 1 cm, 80% effaced. *sigh*

I know that can mean different things for different women. Who knows how long it took me to come this far.... so I could have days or weeks to go! I'm not getting my hopes up!

The only thing that is semi-giving me hope.... is that I feel a lot more pressure... like the baby is lower.

So... STAY TUNED... we will have a report one of these days!! Promise!

On a separate note... I loved Steven Tyler on American Idol... I'm lame, I know... HA!


  1. Oh, how exciting. I hope everything goes smoothly when the time comes. :)
    And those homemade raviolis look absolutely delicious, btw!

  2. 38 week! You're so close! The baby will be here before you know it. :)

  3. Hot waiting rooms are TERRIBLE!
    and while pregnant I always seem to be hot, and so does the waiting rooms... yuck!

    Hope you get some progress here soon. I'm 0cm dialated and only 50% effaced, so I'm not going anywhere anytime soon either.

  4. I'll tell you what they told me both times...things can change quickly. On a Thursday I was 3 cm and 10% and by Saturday my water broke and I was in labor. Seriously, within a week of the baby being here you'll wish he or she was back inside where you weren't having to wake up every 2 hours to feed...hee hee or maybe that was just me!

  5. Thanks for the updates! We're on eggshells here waiting with you! I can't wait to find out--girl or boy and what little Baby Johnson will now be named! Oh, and pics of course! :)

  6. I see not much has changed since I was expecting in the past years. I always hated those exams. Never was fun waiting for the doctor.I am getting pretty excited for you. You have been a Mommy for 38 weeks now. I am sure you are excited to see & hold your blessed wee one. So you will be surprised as to boy or girl when the wee one arrives. I never asked what I was having either. It was fun to be surprised at what God blessed me with. I will be getting the stuff for ravioli Friday. I really dont have a chilie recipe. I just throw together canned crushed toms, canned hot chilies, McCormicks chilie packet original flavor, browned onions & browned hamburger.Simmer & eat. Blessings!

  7. So close now!! :)

    I am sure you must hate hearing stuff like this but I know what alygator means! LOL Right now, the baby is inside you being fed and not using diapers...once baby is out, you will remember those days where all you had to do was eat and take care of yourself! :)

  8. I had to come and see your teeth.heehe...they do not look like mine did at all. :)

    Congratulations on your upcoming birth! That is so exciting!


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