Friday, June 25, 2010

Wish List

I decided to take a break from Flashback Friday this week. My birthday is coming up at the end of July and Cory has been asking me for the past couple of weeks what I have on my birthday wish list. So instead of giving him a handwritten list... I decided to post a picture list here on my blog!

Of course, the very first item I wanted to post was a pottery wheel. However, after browsing for awhile, I realized that it was WAY too expensive to ask for! So I'll pass on that one. Besides, once my belly starts growing, I won't be able to use it too much anyway!

So onto the rest of the list, in no particular order:

Stamps! Obviously not THESE stamps since they are 5 cents short... but just stamps in general because I love sending snail mail... and buying stamps myself can get expensive!!

And when we are on the topic of snail mail...

I love fun tapes, stickers and labels to use on my envelopes! It just seems so much more fun and exciting to dress up my snail mail!

TOMS! Last year, my lovely cousin surprised me by sending me a birthday gift of TOMS Shoes. They were a hibiscus design... which is a little wild for me. HAHA! I'm more of a plain jane. However, I LOVE those shoes. They are comfy and slip on and off so easily. Plus, it's awesome that for every pair you buy, a pair is sent to a child who may have never had shoes in their life. I would like to get a black or brown pair (I know BORING)... but my cuz accidentally got me a Men's 8.5 instead of Women's... so I'd like to get a pair that fits a little better and that I'd be able to wear with more things (since the blue/grey hibiscus design doesn't always go).

I am not a headband person. I like them... but I always feel like I look so goofy in them! However, I love those head wraps that you can just twist your hair all up in. I have looked at quite a few, but since I don't have dreads, I think something like this Bandoobie would work better.

I love to Read, Read, Read! However, poor Cory likes his sleep! I thought this reading light was pretty clever. It illuminates a whole page... and only the page so that when I am reading at night (since I have probs falling asleep) Cory won't be disturbed by the bedside lamp being on!

I used to have this CD. Not sure what happened to it... but I heard one of the songs the other day and it reminded me that I would like to have that CD again!!

I also want this CD! I love folk music... and Dougie Maclean is one of my favs! I can't believe I haven't bought it already!

I have been wanting a new vacuum for quite awhile now. I have been looking at different reviews and this one looks pretty decent. I thought I'd want a bagless, however you have to clean the filters CONSTANTLY. A bag vacuum is just fine with me as long as it has attachments!

Of course, there are plenty of other oddball things I could add... but these are the things that stuck out the most! I would love to add all sorts of art/craft/sewing stuff, however my sister is coming over today to help me organize my spare room (which is FULL of craft supplies)... so I probably shouldn't add to the pot just yet! ;)

I hope you all enjoy your weekend!!


  1. I want a pair of Toms so bad! I want red ones. ;)

  2. i love this post! really creative and original. i collect stamps. i have a whole binder full of some goodies. i have the super heroes too! tell your sister i said hello! happy cleaning! thanks for the comment too!

  3. i love the tape you posted a picture of!
    super cute!

  4. OOO....MMMM...GGGGG. I SOOO want those Marvel stamps. I don't even care if they are short a few cents. Love the reading light.

    Speaking of snail mail, did you ever get mine?

  5. OOooOOo! Love that reading light! And I agree about the shoes... I'm kind of a plain jane myself :) I've been wanting a pair of Toms for a while now, they look so comfy! That black pair would go with everything!


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