Friday, June 11, 2010

Flashback Friday #29

I am off to my hometown today to visit with my great aunt who is up for a short stay from Florida! I haven't seen her since my wedding in May '09... so I'm looking forward to it!

Today's Flashback is going to be quick... It's a picture of my mom and dad on their wedding day! They will be celebrating 30 years in July!

I remember when I was a kid, trying on my mom's wedding dress just for fun.... and it was always TOO SMALL!!! Ugh! Oh yeah and I must mention... my dad had a beard but SHAVED IT THAT MORNING!!! My mom was none too happy about that! Needless to say, he's had a beard for the rest of their 30 years of marriage! LOL!

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  1. How funny, she was mad about the beard? I made sure my hubby was fresh shaven the day we got married, but then again, he was in the Air Force, so he had no choice really :) I love this pic...and that you got to play with your mom's dress.

  2. I absolutely LOVE this picture of them!!! It makes me smile and my heart warm to see it! Thanks for sharing it!

  3. Cute photo. That's really funny about the beard. My dad a mustache when he and my mom and married and kept for YEARS. He shaved it eventually... and it took my mom almost a month to notice!!

  4. Shoot! Sorry for that awful sentence... that should say "my dad had a mustache when he and my mom were married and kept it for years." >.<

  5. Ha! Ha! Actually, Dusty shaved his beard a few days before the wedding. I LOVED his beard and to top it off, his skin was pale under the beard! Fortunately, it blended in in those few days. I had a had a hard time being too angry, though. He wanted to look "clean shaven" because of all my family coming in, etc. I told him he was marrying ME, not THEM! LOL! He has never shaved his beard off entirely since the day of our wedding.

    By the way, 30 years has gone amazingly FAST! Enjoy every moment, folks. Blink and it's by! I've been so blessed but have missed many an opportunity to let my husband know it.

    Oh... and I WISH I still fit in that dress! LOL! I never liked it, hence allowing my girls to mess with it. It is long gone, buried in a landfill. Isn't that awful? Especially since my mom made it for me! But, I didn't like it at all.. Should've gotten married in jeans! LOL!

  6. Cute photo & congrats to Mom & Dad - 30 yrs is a LONG time these days :) I gotta say - I'm a 'facial-hair-type' kinda girl. And unfortunatly, my hubby shaved today! I am NOT too happy about it. (Thank God he doesn't like it either & is going to let his goatee grow back out)

  7. I bet that was amazing, trying on your Mom's wedding dress. I wish I would have had the chance to try on my Mom's, but hers was ruined with red wine at her wedding reception. She was always so bitter when she told the story.

    (look at your cute little floaty baby button over on your sidebar, eeeeee!!!)


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