Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lemonade Please!

No really... PLEASE!

I want some lemonade!!! A big tall glass of it with crushed ice. It's all I ask for....

I'll even just take the ice!!

(We don't have our ice maker hooked up... and our ice trays don't fit well in the freezer... so we have no ice... and I'm so tired of drinking water that stays cold for about 2 seconds after I pour it. Does not taste well with my all day "morning sickness"-icky-mouth-taste.)



  1. It's been quite here in coastal Georgia...lemonade with crushed ice sounds perfect!

    Blessings & Aloha!
    trying to get to some blog reading... :o)

  2. stinky! Do you have a cooler? Maybe you could get a big bag of ice from sheetz or somewhere and keep it in a cooler, so you can have some ice?

  3. MMM lemonade. Maybe you can go pick up some Simply Lemonade from the store. They sell them in single serve sizes now...YUM

  4. My hubby made me a TO DIE FOR strawberry lemonade slushie in our blender the other night, after I mowed the lawn. It was the very best ever. Too bad I was done after like 5 sips.

    And have I mentioned how awesome it is to hear of your pregnancy???


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