Monday, June 21, 2010

Just Checkin' In...

Lately I have been a huge slug! It's rather depressing... but I just don't have any energy! Today, in an effort to get moving again... I've done dishes, stripped the bed and washed/hung out the sheets, watered the flowers outside, took care of the chickens... and OK, I spent an hour and a half on the couch finishing a book (it was a good book!). I am about to make some cookies for Cory's lunches... but thought I would drop by and say Hello! I have a few things to post about... but I haven't made the effort to upload some photos. I hope to get to it at least by Wednesday (tomorrow I won't be around because I have to throw some pots on the kick wheel for a VBS lesson somewhere beyond my hometown---my mom agreed to help out some church with the clay project for their VBS and I agreed to go with her to demonstrate on the wheel).... so I am hoping to post about my weekend in the next couple of days!! Maybe I'll even have a couple of pics from the VBS to share.

I did want to share this photo with you from Cory's birthday earlier this month. We didn't really do a whole lot. I held back my gagging and made him a meatloaf dinner, which he'd requested... and he opened some presents... then we went to his parents for ice cream cake (which made me want to gag! haha!) Anyway... as he was opening the few presents I got him... I snapped this shot. It was totally posed... but I still think it's funny!

Oh yeah.. and a side note... we were looking online at houses for sale in the area last night. We like our little house and neighborhood... but we would like to move more out of town with a bigger house and more property. It's slim pickin's... but there was this one stone house with quite a bit of property that caught my eye! It seemed perfect! The price wasn't even too bad.... but Cory burst my bubble when he told me that there wasn't any water at the house anymore. They had done stripping in the land around the house and it totally messed up the water supply... and the stripping companies don't have to pay to fix it. So this awesome stone house is now useless with a very little, crappy water supply! BUMMER! Oh well! We can keep looking!

Off to make cookies!


  1. great details - no need for pics sometimes except of course cory! you are so lucky to be pregnant! are you going to start making some maternity clothes?

  2. HA, I love the dramatic effect :) Yeah, that sluggy feeling will be around for a while...BOO. Not for nuthin, but I swear reading the posts of all you Mommas out there going through being preggie...makes me glad I'm done. I know it sounds horrid...but I'm just sayin!


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