Monday, June 7, 2010


Well, I have been slacking in my posting a little bit lately... mainly due to ALL DAY "morning sickness". (If you missed the announcement... check out the end of my post HERE!) So far I have been spared from hugging the toilet (THANK GOODNESS)... but I have been struggling with smells and horrible nausea, especially the past few days.

Saturday we were supposed to go to this fancy shmancy wedding in Pittsburgh, PA for one of Cory's college friends. We felt really bad... but we didn't go. Not only have we been dealing with flooding issues in our basement (and there were flood warnings for our region that evening)... the wedding was semi-formal, over 2 hours away AND you had to STAND throughout the whole ceremony! It was in the Carnegie Museum of Natural Science (or something) on the Grand Staircase. It would have been really cool to go... but I didn't know if I could survive 5 hours in the car... and also standing amongst strangers in an unknown place with a queasy stomach for who knows how long! I really hate to RSVP that we are coming and then back out, but I think we had a couple of good reasons. (I'm sure the wedding was beautiful though... I look forward to seeing pictures!)

Sunday, I literally spent most of the day laying around the house after church (I don't even know how I made it through church, honestly). Cory was awesome and did laundry (even hung it out on the line!), washed dishes, made me food and vacuumed upstairs. I didn't even have to ask him! (I know, I hit the jackpot with that one!) It was a miserable day for me... but I am grateful for the opportunity to house a baby in my belly... and hopefully this will all pass sooner rather than later!!

I wanted to share a couple of pictures from last week's unexpected special delivery via the USPS! I don't know if you caught my PROJECT SNAIL MAIL post... but I only had 2 responses--which I'm totally cool with! The lovely Tessica was the first to email me... and I sent out a little letter to her after we got back from our Anniversary Mini-Vacation. (NOTE: You should totally check out her blog... she is constantly doing awesome giveaways!!) Well, I went out to the mailbox the other day and saw that I had two thick envelopes there waiting for me! My first thought was... "YEA!!!!"... my second was, "OH CRAP.. What did I buy?" (that I forgot about?)... however, I then checked out the return address labels and realized they were BOTH from Tessica! HOW FUN!I had already spilled the beans to her about being preggo in the letter I sent her (before I posted it here)... so this is what she sent me!
She said that she used to read that book to her daughter... how sweet! And she also sent sticky notes, stickers and little tags... and a pin that she made! I was so excited!! It's always fun to get goodies in the mail!! Unfortunately, in my reply back to her... I was feeling a little under the weather... so when I sealed it up, I totally forgot to send her any fun stuff back! I will have to be on the ball next time!! If anyone else wants to join in the snail mail project, you can email me your address to or check it out over at OH MANDIE!

Thanks TESSICA for your thoughtful gift!!


  1. Hope the morning sickness phase passes quickly for you! The mail that you received is precious -- Goodnight Moon is definitely a "must own".

  2. SIGH...all day sickness...I remember that. ICK. I had it with BOTH of mine. I hate to break it to you, but mine lasted for 4 months! If there's any upside to that, it prevented me from putting on too much weight during my pregnancies. What helped? Eating small meals all day long. Believe it or not, letting your tummy get too empty makes it worse.

    HOORAY for cool snail mail. That's a great book. Both of my kids love Goodnight Moon. My son still carries it around and sometimes I find it under the covers in his bed!

    I didn't know you were playing along with the snail mail project...I'm e-mailing :)

  3. CONGRATULATIONS,I am a follower of your sisters blog and I am reading yours now as well.The one thing that helped me with the M.S. was crackers in the morining.
    Good Luck and Best Wishes


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