Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Mind of a Child

My niece blew me away the other day.

We were riding in my car for a whole 3 minutes on our way to meet some family for lunch. I had an old CD from one of my all time favorite bands, Madison Greene, in the player and it turned on when I turned my car on. After the first couple of seconds of the song, my niece (who will be turning 9 next month) says to me:

"Hey, I remember this! You made me that dress... but it was too big so we had to tie it in the back... then I was dancing and tried to do a forward roll and the knot from the dress hurt my back!"

Sounds like some simple memory, right?

Madison Greene just happened to be playing in my town... so I made little miss Maddy a hippie dress to twirl around in... and what she said actually happened. I remember it myself because she was so darn cute dancing off to the side of the stage! Her little red curls bouncing as she went!

Those were good times... but the thing that blew me away is that it just so happens that the memory she was recalling was from when she was 2 yrs and 2 months old!!! I remember because she had turned 2 in July and they had played in my town in September!

I still can't believe she remembered those details! I don't know about you... but I can't remember anything from when I was 2, unless I look at a picture! Even when I was a kid, my earliest memories start when I was maybe 3... not JUST having turned 2!!

I got a little chuckle from her that day... and it still makes me smile just to think about it!!


  1. Oh! So sweet! What a memory that child has! I can't even remember last week:)

  2. wow, that is so incredible that she remembered that! What a nice aunt you are to share that experience with your little niece!


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