Monday, June 14, 2010

Funny Story

I've been kind of MIA from blogging... mainly because I've been busy... but also because I have been TOTALLY wiped out! I read in my "What to Expect When You're Expecting" book that a pregnant woman's RESTING body is doing more work than a non-pregnant woman running a marathon! I can totally believe it! I feel like I need to nap every 20 mins! Haha!


Friday, my hubby was alone because I was volunteering until late. He was keeping himself busy around the house most of the evening since I was having a little Spa Party the next day.

Well, he had used some caulk around our kitchen sink earlier in the evening (that guy loves to caulk!)... and around 10:15PM, he said he decided to take the caulk back down to the basement.

Now you must understand, our basement is also our garage. You come down the steps to our laundry area and on the other end of the house is a garage door.

Cory goes downstairs and tosses the tube of caulk into this "catch-all" box that we have... when all of a sudden the garage door starts opening! Our garage door is the LOUDEST garage door I have ever heard. It sounds like a garbage truck when it's picking up a dumpster to empty. This loud BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR sound (I feel bad for the neighbors when we use it!)!

Cory about jumps out of his skin and craps his pants all at the same time! He hurries to grab this utility knife we keep down there and tries to watch the door as it's going up to see if he could see any legs or feet.

Not sure what the heck was going on, he runs up the stairs and presses the button to make the door go back down... then he goes out our back door to stake things out. All the while, his heart is hammering in his ears as he is imagining someone jumping out from behind the shadows!!

Finally, after not being able to find anything suspicious... he starts calming down and decides to go back to the basement to return the massive knife... and he took a gander in the "catch-all" box.

What does he find?

A garage door opener underneath a couple of misc. items.


The whole time... he was the one who had caused the door to open when he threw the tube of caulk in the box! I died laughing when he told me! Even as I've tried to fall asleep the past couple of nights... I think about it and it makes me laugh out loud!

My husband is a silly guy! But honestly, if it were me, I probably would have done the same thing! Or have been too freaked out to stake things out! I would've gone upstairs and hid! HAHAHA!


  1. That is funny! I'm pretty sure I would have just died of a heart attack.

    Yeah, the fatigue, just one of the many fun side effects of being knocked up :) I wish I could say it gets better. They say some people catch a second wind eventually. I never found mine. As the baby gets bigger, you just start feeling a different tired of carrying the load! My advice is...steal sleep where you can find it. Relish the ability to nap your life away because it's the last time you'll have this luxury :) When the baby gets here, well you can guess how much sleep you'll get and if you have subsequent kids, there will pretty much be no such napping with kids #2 and so on because kid #1 will probably not let you!

  2. Oh my goodness...that is hilarious!!! I am, literally, laughing!!! Remember when you first showed me your house, and I pushed the garage door button? I was panicking because it was so loud and it scared me!!! Too, too funny!

    Your little pregnancy widget made me choke up for a're about how far along I was when I had my ectopic and they had to remove the baby. I am truly excited to meet your little one. That baby is sure going to be loved by his (or her..but I still am guessing *boy*) cousins....AND...I am quite excited that I *will* be the favorite aunt, as I will be the *only* aunt!!! ;)

  3. I think I missed the post about you being pregnant - congrats!!!! :D

  4. so I was drinking water reading this, and snorted and laughed and some came out of my nose. I should have caught the warning of the title, lol. I definatly would have had a heart attack too!

    Pregnancy does definatly get easier the further along you get ... just don't be prepared to get any real sleep for at least the next 4 years :)

  5. mister caulk master! that is hilarious. i just love love love how you have a graphic baby update. so exciting!

  6. hahaha!
    i would have been right there freaking otu with him!

  7. Hi, I am a new follower :)
    First I gotta say Congrats! Before I got my positive test result, I new I was pregnant from all the exhaustion. It's unbelievable. Have you checked out You can join the board of the month you are due. I have some wonderful friends I met through that site. We all got our positive test results together, went through our pregnancies together, and are now raising our babies together.
    Anyway, I love your blog... and funny story about your hubby! That is something I would do!


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