Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Today We Will See...


Today is my first ultrasound.... I'm nervous.

Part of me is obviously excited, but another part of me is just nervous to think that this is all actually happening... and it's going to be confirmed today with a heart beat! (At least I'm praying that all is well and we hear a heart beat!)

I am definitely not looking forward to drinking so much water and HOLDING IT... but I guess it's just what ya have to do (unfortunately). Do they make you do that EVERY time? Even when your stomach gets really big?? I can't imagine that it matters much once your uterus overshadows your bladder.... but I really have no idea!

On another note...

I'm dealing with a little guilt... #1 because I haven't been eating very well. I just can't bring myself to eat "healthy" foods. I can get some fruits and veggies down.... but mostly I can only stomach pizza and cereal. Every once and awhile I can eat something else... but I just feel guilty because I know I'm not doing baby any favors (and I think I'm gaining more weight than I should be right now which irritates me). And #2, I feel guilty because I have friends who would like to have children and who haven't been able to.... and it's hard to share in my experience when I want to be sensitive to them and their issues. Just kind of makes me feel alienated... but perhaps I'm just doing that to myself!

Oh well.

Hopefully I'll have a good report and possibly a picture to share later on!!

Happy Wednesday!

Here is our little baby!!
7 weeks, 2 days!
Estimated Due Date: Jan 31!
Heart beat was 152!

What a Blessing!!!


  1. YAY for ultrasounds! With my first, I was only allowed one and the 20 weeks wait was torture. With my second, I was over 35, so they let me have a few and I got to see my son pretty early on. Don't worry, you only have to do the whole drinking water thing because it is so early. Once you hit your 20 week u/s, you won't need to because they baby will be plenty big.

    Be kind to yourself about your eating. With the sickness, you kind of have to stick to what you can tolerate. Sometime throughout your pregnancy, the healthy stuff flat out won't agree with you. Why torture yourself forcing yourself to eat something that makes your stomach turn? That said, try to eat well when you can and maybe don't eat a whole box of strawberry frosted Pop Tarts. Of course, I don't know any preggie momma who ever did that...cough, cough.

    And lastly...don't feel guilty! Of course you don't want to be insensitive, but this is your time and you deserve to be openly happy about it. There will always be people around who are or have had problems getting pregnant. As long as you aren't rubbing it in their faces (not like you would), you shouldn't have to tiptoe around the fact that your pregnant and happy!

  2. i think one of the most exciting and special moments in my life was when i first heard Aubrey, my daughter's heartbeat, it was amazing!!

    as far as the guilt it sounds like you are putting a lot of it on your self
    as far as your other friend, while it is terrible and sad it doesn't mean you can't rejoice in your miracle or even expect others to share your joy or even acknowledge that it is a wonderful thing

    and eat what you want babe! i ate tacos for like three weeks straight (nothing else)

  3. I am so excited for you! :) don't have to drink a ton of water every time....I never had to have my bladder full...not even in the beginning. I'm not sure why they are making you do that. But be assured, once the baby is don't have to do it! :)

    And....let go of the guilt. ALL of it...just enjoy this will go by so quickly! xo

  4. Awwww so exciting Devon, thank you for sharing a picture!! :D I am so happy for you.

    I agree to try not to feel so guilty. Eat what you can tolerate, your body will divert all the needed things to the baby. Prenatal vitamins help supplement what's needed for baby. There were certain things I didn't want to eat much during the morning sickness part of my pregnancy. I never had it severe but I would have nausea on and off until about 16 weeks. That might sound long, but don't worry it will pass!!I also had a lot of heartburn that made me want to avoid certain foods. And for the sensitive part, I think you being conscious about it means you really are being sensitive to others' feelings. But you should find someone you can talk to excitedly about it too. You can blog about it, or send me messages if you want, or call a relative or friend who is as thrilled for you as you are! :)

    My due date was Feb 1st and that is the day Kavi was welcomed to the world!

    Since you are due around the same time, let me just tell you that Thanksgiving and Christmas eating was sooo fun for me!! haha I was so pregnant and indulged in so many good things not worrying about my weight like I might usually. It would probably explain the majority of my weight gain being in the last 3rd of my pregnancy. ;) But I was back to my pre-preg weight by November of that year. What you gain you can lose.

    And again just want to say, yay for a great ultrasound!

    Oops I want to write more I just thought of, this is getting long. :P I hated how much water they'd make me drink for an ultrasound. I am convinced I have a small bladder because I never made it through to an U/S without letting some of the water out. I know they don't like if you ask to use the bathroom ahead of time, but I still had enough in my bladder each time even after letting some out(or else I felt like I was really about to wet my pants!!lol). They need to find a new way to get a good ultrasound instead of torturing pregnant women by pressing on their full bladder. :P

  5. The ultrasound pic brought me to tears. I'm so happy for you and Cory... and for your dad and I (not to mention the rest of your family). Of everything you can do in this life, how you raise your child(ren) can be the biggest and most important legacy. It sure changes your whole perspective on everything (or should)!

    I know you are very concerned about being sensitive to others who have not been able to conceive or have not carried a pregnancy to full term delivery. That in itself speaks volumes. You already know the difference between sharing your joy and not taking this miracle for granted. Continue in your joy with that sensitivity and it'll be fine. Unfortunately, we can't completely understand why things do or do not happen for/to others. Somehow, though, it balances out in other ways. We all have to adjust to our disappointments and hurts even though ours might seem more intense than someone else's. I've always felt sad when people grow bitter. There is always joy to be found... it doesn't mean you can't feel your pain but you have to go through your hurt and pain/loss and then CHOOSE joy.

    Again, keep your sensitivity but go ahead and embrace what you're experiencing. I also think it's important to share it (without being obnoxious about it). To really relate to others there has to be communication and that communication needs to be honest..

    Love you much, Nen!

  6. YAY for little baby in there :) Jan is a great time to have a baby. Mine were both born in Feb. I'd much rather be full preggie and winter than summer!

  7. What a sweet baby! I remember having to drink all the water and thinking I would BURST,LOL, but it's fun to get to peek in on them;)

  8. YAY for your ultrasound!! I know it's hard to hold all of that water... hopefully it wasn't too bad on you. Wasn't is the best thing in the world seeing that little life inside YOU. OH how I miss that little one growing inside.
    Oh & everyone hates being pregnant in the summer, but I loved it. I know I am crazy, lol... but it was so nice to be HUGE & able to take off clothes & wear as little as possible! I loved being in shorts & tanks!

  9. Congratulations!!! It took me a long time to get pregnant and I know the level of excitement that you are experiencing. Let others be happy for's ok.



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