Monday, September 6, 2010

Early Christmas!!

Well, you may have read my post from the other day about needing some sort of rocking chair for when the baby comes. I have been kind of up in the air on how to approach it.

Cory and I were trying to decide if we should invest in just some sort of rocker/recliner for our living room to go with what we already have... or perhaps, if the price was right, invest in a whole living room set. (The one we have now was given to me a number of years ago when I moved into my first house)

Since Cory had the day off for Labor Day, we decided to take a drive to a couple of places and check things out just to see.

At the first store, I was a little discouraged.

Cory prefers to have recliners IN the sofa. We don't have that right now... if we want to prop our feet up, we drag over the ottoman from the one chair. So... the condition was... I could pick out the furniture, as long as it had recliners in it.

Seriously. All of the reclining furniture just gives me a flashback to my great grandparents house. And it is all over-stuffed... which is uncomfortable for someone short like me, whose neck doesn't reach right... and my head ends up being tilted forward instead of comfortably resting back!

We walked through the first store and saw absolutely nothing.

We went to the next store... and it was much of the same type of styles. I had an idea in my head of what I wanted... it was just a matter of finding it with the reclining function!!

Wouldn't ya know it... maybe 5 minutes into the second store... I saw it!

A sofa and love seat set... both with recliners... and they weren't the over stuffed, poofy style!

I was excited, but Cory talked me into looking around the rest of the store. Plus, we really were hoping to find a rocker/recliner that matched. There wasn't one in the set display.

After browsing the rest of the store, we caught up with the sales lady and I showed her which set we liked and explained that we were hoping to get a rocker/recliner as well. Wouldn't ya know... she led us RIGHT to a matching one in the recliner section! WOO HOO!

The next thing I knew, we were looking at fabrics and pillow options... she left Cory and I to talk it over... and HO, HO, HO... MERRY CHRISTMAS to US! We purchased our first set of living room furniture today!! (It's our expensive Christmas present to each other... maybe for a few years.. haha!)

Here's a pic from my cell phone of what it looks like... however, we chose a brown thin-whale corduroy with some different pillows.

I am nervous about the brown... we went with a darker brown because we were afraid that the lighter browns would clash with the carpeting. Our walls are a light green... and the pillows we chose should tie the walls, carpet and sofas all in together. At least I'm hoping!!

So, in 6-8 weeks... I shall be unveiling pictures of my living room! And I am SO excited!

And it turns out, that we are able to give our current furniture to a friend who is in need... so it works out wonderfully!!

Yea for new furniture!!! Now... to pick out a crib...

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  1. Yay!! I get all sorts of giddy over major home purchases like that! Your new couch is super nice, I really like the style! The husband and I are planning on getting some new furniture too, only after Christmas for us (and exactly like you we want recliners in the set). Where did you find your set if you don't mind me asking?


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