Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Few Things From the Weekend...

Yesterday, Cory and I attended a wedding for one of Cory's coworkers.

We get there and walk in... soft music playing in the background... people talking in hushed tones.

The usher takes my arm and quietly asks, "It's just the two of you?"

He said it so softly that I honestly wasn't sure what he said and it took a second for me to process it and realize that he had asked me a question. And once it "clicked" in my brain... I said, "Yeah!"

When we got to our seat, Cory's face was beet red and he informed me that I had been REALLY loud and people had turned to look at us!


Oh well!! At least I wasn't as obnoxious as the little kids behind us who talked LOUDLY throughout the whole ceremony!!


Last night, we volunteered at The Teen Center since I had booked a couple of bands. We normally provide dinner... so my mom was nice enough to make some potatoes for me to take and I just threw some green beans in a crock pot before the wedding. Combined with the chicken/stuffing casserole brought by another volunteer... it was deeeeelicious! Topped off with chocolate texas sheet cake. I've never had cake so good! MMMMmmm!!!


One of the bands broke up last week and didn't bother to tell me... so they obviously never showed up. (Reeeeaaaallll professional)

The other band... Brightwork... was AWESOME. Super nice guys! They are from Harrisonburg, VA and drove 6 hours to play only to turn around and drive another 6-7 hours to Charlotte to lead worship at church the next morning. I figured they would just play and leave... but they stayed for quite awhile, interacting with the kids. Even though they were asking for a donation for their CD's... they knew most of the kids couldn't afford it and so they graciously handed the CD's out for free. I was really impressed, not only by their music, but by their ministry! I hope they are able to come back soon!

You should check them out!


Today in church... the baby kicked me so hard... it jolted my reflexes and I actually elbowed Cory. It almost felt like I got electrocuted... it was so weird! I had to hold in quite a few giggles! :)




  1. oooh never heard of that band, I'll have to check them out! Revive sang at our church yesterday evening, it was so awesome!

    Yes, Go Steelers!!! It's seriously one of my life's ambitions to run my fingers through Troy Polamalu's hair!!

  2. I loved feeling my little girl kick or hiccup while she was growing. She hiccuped a lot. I kinda miss those days!


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