Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Sneak Peek into the Basement

I have been planning on posting about our basement project... but just haven't made the time.
I really am going to do it soon though because Cory and his dad just put the new door up... but until then, I thought I'd give you a sneak peek into my laundry area.

It's not anything overly exciting... but it's CLEAN and the floor is NEW. It makes me actually want to do laundry!

Before, there was a BIG gully right where that red rug meets the laundry hampers. Cory's dad had put a piece of metal over it so that we didn't break our ankles by stepping in it when we were down there.

Well... let me just show you one of the Before pictures:

At the very far end... where the drain is, that gully is deep! And notice the yucky cement floor has now turned into a nice, lovely cement floor!! (yea!)

And.... this guy decided to visit...

But quickly was demolished by Cory's shoe.


However, his BIG daddy was hanging around a few days later... and I do mean BIG!
He didn't last long enough to snap a pic (thank goodness!!!!!).

Well, I have to get my day going!
Happy Wednesday!


  1. oh my goodness that spider pictures totally gave me the willies and now I'm all sorts of freaked out!

    Your basement is nice and clean and your laundry area looks super nice, but I sure do hope that you don't get any more 8 legged visitors anytime soon!

  2. Oh devon! It looks absolutely wonderful!!! :)
    I just love it now and what an amazing difference! It will be sooo nice to do laundry there! **Just please be careful going down those stairs with laundry baskets as your belly starts to grow!!! xo

  3. Oh...and I wanted to say that the spider really gives me the eebie jeebies (or as my littles say: the HEE-BEE Jeebies!) ;)

  4. That spider is SO gross!! OMG! Your basement is going to be so great, can't wait to see the results:)


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