Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Basement... Finally!

Ok, so I know I've mentioned our basement project numerous times over the past couple of months. And I have so many pictures... that instead of boring you with tons of details... I'll just post the pics with a few comments. However, the pics aren't that exciting either. But they show the transformation... and eventually the END product (woo hoo!). So without further ado... here they be.

From the beginning:

There were cracks on the floor... and the walls were awful
(however, Cory and his parents painted on a sealer before the work started... so they don't look too bad)

Our rock wall had to be torn apart...

See the wall behind that jackhammer? Yeah, that's where our
Not even kidding. Luckily, the workers were able to
get it fixed up--or else at some point, our house would
have tilted.

(You could literally tap on the wall and it would crumble!)

Running the drain through the yard to the main hook up.

Getting ready to pour the cement.

We have water pouring off our back hill and there is no way to stop it...
so they put in a french drain .

They also put a drain right out front because water just rolls
off the back hill and down the driveway.

The Floor!

They took out the garage door and blocked up the wall!
We have a new door on there now (that was just a makeshift
door to tide us over for a few days)
... but it needs to be
set and leveled so I don't have pics yet.

My father in law was smart and put mesh over the drain
so that the leaves don't clog it. He even sprayed it with
rustoleum! He thinks of everything!

And... the inside!!
It's not a "finished" basement, but it's a place for us to
store things and keep our exercise bike, laundry area, etc.
(We have yet to get everything back in there and organized
so don't mind the mess!!)

(I'm thinking maybe a little pottery studio in that far corner.. hehe..)

Thanks for dropping by to check out my basement!!
It is SUCH a relief to have it dry and not moldy!


  1. What an improvement! Enjoy the new clean space!!!

  2. Oh it looks awesome! You can do so much down there. What a crap load of work too! Great job! Keep us posted if you do that pottery corner:)

  3. Wow that's a lot of space you have down there. Looks like the alterations are coming along nicely. Love the dog beautiful!!

  4. It looks great now! I have to come by again, soon. Did you redo the rock wall or what did you do there? What a beautiful basement you have now! :)

  5. Wow, what a change! That definitely was a HUGE job! But now you can use it and really feel comfortable about it. I am definitely seeing a craft area in the corner in your future!

  6. oh my goodness, what a project! It was definatly worth it in the end, you have so much usable space down there now and it looks fantastic!


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