Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Bowl Full of... "Chairy(s)"?

Not long ago, I got a call from my aunt who was offering to buy us one of those glider chairs for the nursery. (I'm not quite sure what the correct name is for those!) She was able to get a good deal on one at the time and thought that it might be something we would need.

I was SO appreciative! I mean, who just calls you up and offers to buy you a piece of furniture? (Apparently, my awesome family!) :)

But unfortunately, we just do not have the room for one. We still have to get a crib into the babies room, after I try to clear all of my craft stuff out as much as I can (ugh!)... and rearrange what we already have into a workable, practical space for baby. It is a SMALL space, let me tell you!

The more I thought about it though, the more I realized that I don't have ANY kind of chair that rocks (or glides) in my house. This is odd for me because I am the type of person who has to be moving most of the time. If I'm sitting or laying on the couch... part of me has to be moving. Whether I am bouncing my leg or twitching my toes. It drives Cory bananas! I am honestly shocked that I don't have some type of rocking chair!

So, the other day we get a flyer in the mail from a local store. They have some chairs on mark down for $200! Granted... they probably aren't the best-made piece of furniture you could get... but they would get us through for what we needed. Our current furniture was given to us by another aunt of mine who was re-doing her living room... which I am totally grateful for!!!!... but it's not what I want forever.

Ok, for even the next 5 years, if I can help it.

But in the mean time, I don't want to go out and buy some expensive chair that won't go with the living room furniture that I actually WANT (and will hopefully get sometime in the next few years).

Lets face it, how successful would it be to build your living room ensemble around one chair?

So. Cory and I took a trip over to the store last evening... AND... as expected, they didn't have anything that we liked or felt comfortable in, in their "marked down" section. We looked around at some other pieces, but gave up.

We don't have to have something RIGHT NOW... but hopefully before winter.

We do have a chair with an ottoman that is in our living room... but that's what we're hoping to replace.

I thought about those gliders again... but they have wooden arms and frame. I think I want something more cushiony and comfy for nursing and rocking.

I looked online at a local furniture place... (which, they didn't post prices... how annoying!)... but then... as I clicked through all of the pictures, all I could think was... "Chairy".

Do you remember Chairy? From the good old Pee Wee Herman Show.
"Pee Wee's Playhouse"

I just kept seeing her face on all of the recliners... and now I think I've given myself a complex. (At least I'm not looking for a toilet-blue colored recliner! Then I'd really have a problem!)

So... Yeah.

Other than having Chairy on the mind... we are going to be forced to make a decision in the next month or so.

Do we buy a cheap rocker/recliner that goes with the furniture we have now but may be a piece of crap?


Do we buy a more expensive, durable one and hope that it will fit in with our "new" furniture "someday"?

I guess we'll just have to wait and take a look-see at some furniture places around and see what our options/prices are anyway.

But what would you suggest??

Oh yes... and BY THE WAY... I'd like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my SISTER!!! She's sooo old! ;)


  1. You will find a good chair! No worries!!! :)

    And thank you for the birthday wishes. :) I am *only* 1 year and 11 months older than you....! ;)

    your old and rickety big sister,
    Katy :)

  2. Chairy, that's awesome. I miss PeeWee's Playhouse :) Seriously though, you have time! I didn't have my glider until maybe a week before my daughter was born. It wasn't hugely expensive but almost five years later it's still going strong. It was SO helpful when I was nursing. At the time we bought it, we barely had room for it, but I was still glad we did it.


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