Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Imma Beat Down Dat Door!

I woke up this morning to banging and clanking.

Cory was messing with the door handle to our bedroom.

I groggily asked him to "Do that later"... then fell back onto the pillow to continue in my half daze of sleeping.

He didn't stop. Actually, he went to the basement to get a screwdriver to take the darn thing off the door!

Turns out, it was totally busted inside. If he had shut the door (which we normally do to keep the cat out)... I would've been stuck in the bedroom!! The knob just twisted and turned without actually doing anything productive (like latching or unlatching!).

So, I suppose I can forgive him for making all of that noise. Hehe

A little later, I was awakened by the phone ringing.... it was my mom.

Apparently I sounded groggier than I meant to because she knew right away that she'd woken me up! She told me to call back later... but then I was up (you know how that is). We hung up anyway and I went downstairs to check my cell phone. Normally my mom will call on my cell and hang up, then I'll call her back since we have free long distance (well, technically speaking. Nothing is FREE). I wanted to clear the call on my cell but realized she hadn't called on it.

Then I realized.. it was "Searching for Service".... weird.

So I called her back on my house line and asked--thinking her call wasn't showing up on my cell since there was no service. She ended up not having called my cell this ONE time, of all times. But none of that matters... the issue was that I didn't have service.

What was THAT all about?!

Of course, when I got on Facebook... there were plenty of people ranting and raving about not having Verizon Cell service and there are 3 counties without it, etc. So at least I knew I wasn't alone!

But then I got annoyed. I couldn't even text or call Cory at work (we were planning on spending lunch time at the park together today, but never hashed out the details). And service is STILL out! Luckily, Cory came home around lunch time since we didn't have a way to communicate.

Then I realized... THANK GOODNESS I didn't get stuck in our bedroom this morning because of that darn doorknob! If I had, I would have been literally stuck! I wouldn't have been able to S.O.S. to Cory since the only number I have for him at work is his cell (which has no service!)... and I had no phone book to look up his work number! I promptly made him give me his work number in case of emergencies...

But I guess when he gets home, I'll have to thank him for beating on the doorknob while I was sleeping. It was much better than if I would have been stranded in the bedroom for hours without access to the bathroom or food!!!

And Verizon---get your crap together!!!!!


  1. Wow! Totally crazy! I can't believe you would have potentially been stuck in there without being able to call anyone for help! Definitely good foresight on Cory's part! Way to go!

  2. hi lovely nen! this music is so sweet! i remember being pregnant and taking naps in my car while i was a the office working. when you are pregnant there is NOTHING that can come between you+baby+sleep. this is a magical time for all of us! we are all in this together.

  3. eeeep! same thing happened to me with the phone, I live on the border of Somerset and Cambria county, so apparently the Verizon cell signal loss was pretty far and wide! Here's hoping that you get to catch up on some of that sleep!


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