Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Well, Hello There!

Say "HELLO" to baby!
(Sorry, these are pics of pics because I don't know how to use the scanner! They have a little glare!)

(Face, belly and elbow)

Today was my "20 Week Ultrasound"...
although I'm only 19 weeks.

Little baby was looking good!
Measuring right and moving all about!

(Those are the arms and belly... the head is back behind the arms)

"Put 'em up!"

After a 30 minute wait with a full bladder...
Cory and I were thrilled to watch this little life on
the screen right before our very eyes.
It truly is a blessing!

This is my fav pic!

Too cute!

Oh... and by the way... we didn't find out the gender! Maybe I should do a poll! :)

Now I'm off to make cookies for my Father-in-Law. We totally, absolutely, 100% forgot his birthday... which was a week ago. We feel like such SHMUCKS!
So I am going to bust out the best raisin filled cookies EVER to try to ease my conscience!

I just can't believe we forgot.. ugh!


  1. What a beautiful baby! :) Isn't that full bladder thing awful!?! I was always afraid I would be the first one to have an accident on the table! :)

  2. Sweet little feet!
    Are you planning on waiting until delivery to find out the gender?
    I think I'm too impatient to wait, haha.

  3. Awwww..... Jaxson and I loved the pics, especially the little feet! Soon enough they'll be going "pitter patter"! Can't wait!

  4. He *or* she is absolutely beautiful. I can't wait to meet that lil one! :) I can't believe you are almost halfway!!! :) I am smiling as I type because I am so happy for you (and...I must admit I am happy for myself as well...since I get to be an aunt AGAIN! ;)
    Why did you have to have a full bladder? I never did with any of my children?

  5. the feeeeeet!!!!

    so cute.
    and so exciting for you!


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