Thursday, September 9, 2010

Yesterday Was Beautiful...

... the sun was shining, the clouds were white and fluffy, the breeze was blowing. My idea of perfect weather.

My VW bug needed inspected, so I drove it out to my dad's shop. I was so thankful that it was such a nice day to enjoy the view!

Despite the air blowing in through every crack and crevice in the dashboard, around the radio and, of course, in through the windows that don't quite close all of the way... the temp was just right! I cruised through the hills... really appreciating the beauty all around me.


A HUGE gust of wind came and caught me off guard! It blew so hard that I literally swerved into the other lane of oncoming traffic! Talk about a heart stopper. I was just glad that the semi-truck in the other lane was still far enough away to not cut it too close. SHEESH! Trust me when I say "they don't make 'em like they used to"--however, I can't resist the charm of a 40 yr old VeeDub! So I'm not really complaining! :)

I'm trying to get in my bug driving while I can before it's parked for the winter. I also don't imagine that Cory will approve of me carting a baby around in it next spring/summer. The "tin can" isn't quite safe enough, which is understandable. However, my mom used to haul my sis and me around in a VW bug back in the 80's!! (Although, the car was like 10 yrs old at the time.. haha... Not quite the same anymore).

Anyway... my nephew was at my parents' house yesterday when I stopped in. (I usually stop in to see my mom before heading to the garage). Jaxson just LOVES VW's... and I love that he loves them!

(He is constantly asking me which car I've driven over and why I drove this one and not that one, etc etc... he also hounds my dad about "fixing" my vw camper--without my prodding! He just can't get enough of the VW!).

Well, since the bug had some issues over the summer... Jax finally figured that instead of asking me AGAIN if I'd driven it... he would just let me know that he knew that I didn't...

"I know, you didn't bring your buggy today..." he said while slumping his shoulders.

"Oooooh, reeeaaaally?" I replied with a grin.

He gave me a funny look... then ran over to the window and saw it... where he then started a dramatic display of emotion! Throwing himself on the couch and rolling around with sighs of, "I can't believe it!"... it was quite amusing.

So... from then on, he was OF COURSE riding with ME and not GRAMMIE to the garage. We got the kid seat all situated and him all buckled in. He was just all grins the entire ride.

Later on, we ran to the post office... and then in the afternoon we had to drive to another shop to pick up a part my dad needed for a job he was working on.

The result:

I don't know how he could sleep with as loud as the car is... between the engine and the wind howling in!! Uh... yeah, I need to clean the windows... ick!

It was so nice to know that the beautiful day turned into a happy day for one little guy! And I was happy to be able to give him a reason to smile!

I imagine that one day he will own at least one VW of his own!

Vroom! Vroom!

Oh yeah... and one more thing... check out my windshield washer fluid dispenser:

Ya gotta do what ya gotta do!


  1. that vw van is incredible! No wonder your nephew got excited!

  2. oh, wait, I just realized you were driving a bug not a van! well the van picture is still awesome! And, I always wanted an old vwbug too!

  3. Punch buggie :) Nothing like a car to put a little one to sleep! Even an excited one. It must have been a fun ride.


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