Friday, September 10, 2010

I'm Working On It!!

I have been working on getting my Baby Registries filled out.

Mostly Target and Walmart since there aren't many other options, at least in these parts.

Diapers will be registered at Green Mountain Diapers (we're doing cloth!). WOOT!

I didn't realize how overwhelming it is to find items for the registry! I mean... I knew about basic things I should register for... but some things, I didn't even give a thought to register for (but my mom encouraged me to add them).

It's a little stressful.

I'm doing it a little at a time, trying to read reviews on most things as I go... which adds to the amount of time I spend on the whole project!!

All of that being said...

Do any of you have suggestions about items I should register for? I'm afraid that I'll forget something!!

Do I register for things like blankets, even though I am hoping I'll get handmade ones? (I WISH ETSY HAD A REGISTRY!!!)

Do I register for toys or just let people get whatever?

What about clothes? I mean... we aren't finding out the gender and there aren't a whole lot of options for neutral. Should I just let people get what they want to get??



  1. OK, so here's the day where I rain on your parade about baby registries. I hope...HOPE that this isn't your experience, but after two kids I can tell you...99% of the people who gave me anything completely ignored my registries. People end up getting you what they think you need, even if it's not what you want...or really need. I was grateful for everything I got, but in the end, we ended up buying most of the things we really needed that were on our registry for ourselves. Why do I tell you this...well, in the long run, it's the perfect reason NOT to stress over what you put on there, since most people will...say it with me...ignore it anyway.

    If you want to make it fun, start searching Etsy and posting on your blog the stuff you see and would love to have, that way, if anyone asks, you can point them to your blog. Make sure the people who you know will listen to what you want know where to find what you want.

    As for neutrals, believe me...they are out there. With my daughter, we knew she was supposed to be a girl but we were paranoid that the ultrasound might be wrong, so we stuck to greens and yellows for newborn stuff. In the end it was the best thing we ever did, because when my son came around, we were able to reuse every newborn thing of hers with him. Carters has great neutrals. Believe it or not, so does WalMart and Target.

    Since (I think) you are having a winter baby, a good cuddly blanket it essential, but seriously, you don't need a lot of them. I got a TON of them and maybe only used two or three of them regularly...and both of my kids were born in winter. If you can get one of those fleecy inserts for your carseat, it will mean even less blankets you will need. Put on top of your wish list a Boppy pillow. You will thank me for it!!! Ask for a couple of extra covers for it too, because it will get dirty.

    Hmm let's see, if you can get some sort of baby carrier like a Bjorn or maybe a baby sling...put that on your list. Stock up on will go through them like water...and ask people to get you plenty of diapers and wipes!!

  2. your baby is getting so big. when you talked about cloth diapers the smell of baby soap just floated by. oh the fond memories when my girls were babies. i loved giving them baths in the sink. you need the basics for when you come home. like baby nail clippers and nose booger suction things. you think it stressful now...

  3. Registering is so much fun, but your right so stressful.

    I'd register for all of your essentials like pacifiers of choice, a boppy pillow, a bouncer seat, swing, playmat, diaper cream, wipes, wipe warmer, soaps, burp cloths, and if you prefer certain brands or types of things of course get those on the list.

    As for me, I hardly got anything I registered for.
    I got a TON of clothes, although I find for little girls the clothes are too irrisistable to pass up. Since you won't be finding out the sex maybe register for some boy/girl friendly clothes you like.
    Also I got a ton of blankets.

    I think everyone is different though, it just depends I guess.
    Either way you always have things to return and things to get, but that's okay because baby shopping is so fun!!!

  4. i agree with the other posters. you really do not get MOST OF WHAT YOU REGISTER FOR. boppy is necessary with two extra covers. don't stress too much.

  5. I also say Boppy. Take it to the hospital with you! Register for a Swaddle Me blanket (or 2, Brett always peed on his when I tried to change him in the bassinet in the middle of the night), it is seriously the only way I got any sleep. They grow out of being swaddled in those little flannel blankets quickly, and these velcro shut so they can't fling their arms, break the swaddle, and wake up. The little cotton mittens are wonderful when they are so tiny you're afraid to clip their sharp little nails but they are scratching their faces. Even after that, I wore them on Brett when we went out to keep his hands warm because his snowsuit didn't cover his hands. The Carter's newborn outfits that have the fold over mittens are great too. Snowsuit or carseat cover. I got soo many hooded towels and washcloths. You need some, but well, I probably got 20 of each. Bath tub, baby wash, lotion, Butt Paste (the best), thermometer, baby Tylenol, gas drops, teething tablets, teething gel, aspirator, comb/brush, Vaseline in the squeeze tube for baby boy's circumcision, humidifier, tons of baby hangers for all those cute clothes, baby laundry detergent and stain remover, hats, socks, onesies in all sizes, bibs, sleepers, flannel blankets, burp cloths, pacifiers, nursing cover, breast cream, breast pads, pump (it doesn't have to be anything serious since you are at home, but it is nice if baby is sleeping and you are in pain, or if you want to go out for a date night once in awhile) if you are nursing, bottles and bottle/nipple brush either way for above mentioned reasons, something for baby to sleep in: bassinet, crib, etc., and a couple sets of sheets, changing pad and a couple covers, wipes, monitor, baby-proofing supplies, bouncy seat (Brett loved the Fisher Price Ocean Wonders seat, it's the only one I've seen that they can kick the toys instead of hit), high chair, teething toys, bowls, spoons (highly recommend a Boon spoon, awesome to throw in the diaper bag when you're going somewhere else to eat!) mesh feeder (you can put pieces of fruit inside for baby to chew on but not choke! You can also put ice in them when baby is teething) travel system (infant seat & stroller it fits into), convertible carseat (for when baby grows out of the infant seat) Johnny Jump-Up if you have an inside doorway with strong trim around it, jumperoo if you don't, diaper bag, baby book, photo albums and frames, swing, white noise machine, pack and play, baby gates as needed...the list could go on and on. Babies need so much! You will get clothes. And they will be inappropriate sizes for seasons like a newborn swimsuit for a baby born in October or sweatsuits that won't fit until right around next summer. People don't do the math. Walmart is wonderful with returns even if you don't have the receipt!

  6. I looked at your registries. Very small lists in my opinion, but that's fine! You will probably think of more to add.

    Two things I noticed missing, that we really needed as soon as we left the hospital:
    Socks and the mittens to keep them from scratching their faces. We also used receiving blankets all the time to swaddle.

    I did actually get a lot of important things off my baby registry at my shower. Many of my friends had babies or grandbabies in the previous years and knew how helpful it is to choose from the registry list, so they did.

    It really matters who the people are who are buying your things or if they have had babies recently. :) I had a lot of fun doing the registry but yeah it's amazing how many things you realize you need.

  7. By the way I got an immitation boppy at Walmart for at least $10 less then a real "boppy". I like deals, and I think so many things are overpriced in the baby department and people spend too much.


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