Friday, September 24, 2010

Flashback Friday #34

I have put Flashback Friday on hold the past month or so... it's mainly just because I've been lazy about it!

But today, I wanted to flashback a couple of years to the annual Fall Festival that my sister's in-laws host at their meat market!

This is my nephew... I just love this picture!
I'm so glad I took it!

Tomorrow is this year's festival and the weather is supposed to be beautiful!
I'm excited!

Join in the flashback fun over at Christopher&Tia's!


  1. How CUTE! He fits right in :) So funny, I was just telling my boss this story today...we saw a sign up at a nearby church that they will be putting up their "pumpkin patch" soon and how he said it won't be the same down here in Texas as it was up in Boston. The church just lays out a bunch of pumpkins for you to choose from. In Boston, we could actually go out to a real patch and pick the one we wanted off the vine. That and it was actually cool out!

  2. ssshhhhaaaaaaaaaaa!

    He's a little pumpkinhead! Precious.


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