Monday, February 25, 2008

Dizmas, a birthday party, and my pilot light going out....

Well, I have some pics from the weekend. I forgot to take a picture of my ladel
(sp?)... but it's in the dirty dishes now, and I don't really want to take a picture of that! (Although I should wash them!)

This past weekend, the main band at The Cord was Dizmas. I was so busy taking donations at the door, that I totally forgot to take pictures of any of the other bands! OOPS! I couldn't get very good ones of Dizmas either, but I tried! They are really good, you should check them out. They aren't hard. Some of their earlier stuff was a little harder, but they've toned down. They are really nice guys too.. and the first time they came to play (last year or so), I took Boo.. and they LOVED her. :) So, of course I like them! LOL. If you see the stage in the background (which, like I said, I'm not much of a photographer), you will see some of the old features of The Columbia Theatre. It was used "back in the old days" as a picture house/theatre. A lot of older people who come in to see the restoration work comment on "I remember when I came here as a kid", etc. It is really pretty. A little cluttered from being used by the Cord for shows... but nice when it's cleaned up. I'll post more pics another time when I can concentrate on taking good ones!

Here are some pics from the birthday party... LOL!
I don't have any of the rest of the group, but I'd like to get some. My mom took a nice one of all of us girl cousins.

So, I got the mail today, and there was a free CD from Joyce Meyer Ministries in my mailbox. It is entitled "How to Handle Unreasonable Fear and Worry"--how appropriate for me!! I think I'm going to listen to it tonight... and maybe while I'm doing that, I'll patch up my work jeans. The holes are getting huge!

Oh, yesterday... Cory and I went shopping after church... and when we got back to my house... Cory told me to turn the heat up while he brought in some bags. I walked over to the thermostat and it read 53 degrees!!!! Yiiiikes!! It was cold! Cory checked my furnace... and the pilot light was out! We have no idea why... but he lit it back up. I was worried the whole house might blow up--but it didn't... and here I am, pathetically waiting for my frozen SmartOnes lasagne to cook in the oven. *sigh*

Well, hope you had a good Monday. I am going to post some on the Cord's MySpace and putter around the house!!


  1. That CD sounds great!!! :) I hope you enjoy it! I like Joyce Meyer! Did you order it or did it just come randomly? :)

  2. it just came... maybe cuz i signed up for her free magazine....


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