Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Hanging with J....

So, today... my sister was sick with the flu... so my mom had J with her and brought him to my work for lunch. During lunch, my mom started feeling sick herself. She took J back to her house and they laid down for a bit... and when I came home... J came over to my house. I fixed him dinner and he watched "Felix" cartoons, played with cars, while I made chocolate covered pretzel rods (with sprinkles) for my niece's snack time at school (since Katy was too sick to do anything!). After he went home... I started working on some earrings for Etsy!! Check them all out in my etsy shop.
By the way--J was so good for me!!!!


  1. Hi! You left a message on my blog about my music and you said it "caught you off guard" and something about papa roach? What does that mean? The song playing is Etta James Singing At Last.

    Did something else play when you came to my blog?

  2. Awww....look at my baby!!! He's so cute! LOL Thanks for all your help devon!!! BTW~some of your pics are cut off :( .

  3. i don't know why they are doing that. must be b/c i load stuff on my internet explorer at home. i need to get firefox.


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