Sunday, February 24, 2008

Breaking the Silence

You might be wondering what the title of my post means. Well, I am sitting in my living room right now, waiting for a couple (they're married) to wake up so I can feed them and I dunno---do whatever a hostess does. LOL! Their groups name is Breaking the Silence. They are super duper nice... but its really weird to have people I DON'T KNOW staying at my house... in the next room. I didn't sleep too well last night!! They loved Boo and Boo loved them... she is impatiently waiting for them to wake up and play with her. The other two band members are at my mom's house, as well as their Roadie. The concert(s) went really well! We ended up with 6 bands instead of 5... but they were all done in less than 3 hours! So that was good! Cory and I were the "donation takers" at the door. We probably had 50-75 people there!

Guess what happened to Cory?! He was walking outside downtown and the jewelry store on the corner didn't have their sidewalk area salted or cleaned off............ and Cory slipped and fell on the ice and smacked his head off of the concrete!!! He hurt his shoulder too!! Poor guy! :( He's a trooper though, so I think he's ok. He was awesome for me this weekend. When I went on the girls outing yesterday, he came over and cleaned and cleaned for me. Speaking of the girls lunch. All along we were pretending it was a baby shower for my cousin... but really we were having a surprise 50th for my aunt. Wellllll... we wrapped the presents in baby shower paper.. and as we started coming in to the restaurant--the waitresses were staring at us. We were still waiting for people, and the one head lady came over to clarify that they weren't messed up. She came over to talk to my mom - who was sitting RIGHT BESIDE my aunt... and mentioned about noticing the baby shower paper... but having ordered a cake that said Happy 50th Birthday. My mom was trying to make faces to give her the hint--but it didn't work. She blew it! Once she realized, she felt so horrible! OOoops. I think my aunt was bummed that it wasn't really a baby shower! She was looking forward to seeing my prego cousin! Oh well. It went pretty good... and I bought this sweet spackle-wear ladle (in cream and green)--love it! I would post pics... but I am trying to be quiet while these people are sleeping (however their cellphone seems to go off A LOT).

Still sick---but feeling a bit better. I have a tureen dinner after church, then gotta go birthday/baby shower/Alaska shopping with Cory. (He's going to Alaska soon!! WITH NO CELL PHONE SERVICE!!--AHH!)

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  1. oh my gosh!!! Poor Cory!!! Are you sure he is OK?? He should talk to the store...i think it is required that they are suppose to salt it!!! How horrible! What if he had been an elderly person or small child?? :(


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