Monday, February 18, 2008

Blue Monday

So, I am suffering from a horrible cold. I had it over the weekend, and Cory came out to take care of me. The roads were horribly icy on Sunday - so church was actually cancelled! Cory waited until it warmed up a bit, then came out to make me lunch and baby me. :) We watched "Must Love Dogs" and bummed around. Or I should say that I bummed around. He did dishes and took care of the dog. We have a small flea problem at my house. I don't know HOW!? We had a major problem this fall, but we bombed like crazy and treated Boo and Weezer... but they are back to scratching again. So Cory is trying to do what he can for them until the weather warms up and we can maybe bomb the house again. Boy do I hate fleas! I didn't even notice we had them--I haven't gotten bit.. and I thought Boo just had dry skin. *sigh* Anyone know any good home-remedies for fleas?

I considered going home from work early today, but I have a meeting at church tonight that I don't want to miss... and I figured, I'd made it this far (lunch time)... I can make it the rest of the day. I almost couldn't keep my eyes open though! I had to put my head down a few times. I am looking forward to going home and eating some homemade veggie beef soup that my mom made yesterday!!!

Oh--good news! At today's weigh-in... I lost another 2 lbs! Down to 153! Cathy stayed the same... but that was better than gaining. We both thought for sure we'd gained... so it was another victory this AM on the scale.

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  1. Cory is tooooo sweet!!! :) I was so happy he ate that pretzel i made the other night..although, you guys will have to try the ones i make with the butter..they are sooo much tastier!!! :) Congrats on losing more weight! :)


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