Friday, February 22, 2008

Are you THIS creative!?

You guys HAVE to go to this blog. I just stumbled upon it tonight... as I was trying to get OFF the computer... and I just love it. It is AWESOME. View it HERE!!

So, I didn't get too much cleaning done--however, I did manage to spend time with my nephew (while my mom ran to the store).... and made us dinner. Which he barely ate. Apparently he doesn't like chicken with lemon juice. I fault myself. I told him I was making my chicken with lemon juice. He was quite curious about it (he's 4). He asked if you could drink it. And I said that it prob wouldn't taste very good. But he insisted that I put some in his mouth. So... I did. Just a couple of drops. Boy did his face twist! I said "Do you like it?" and he just looked at me and kept swishing in his mouth. All of a sudden, he gets a big frown and shook his head NO. oops! So, I gave him something to drink. Well... knowing that the chicken had lemon juice on it... and he definitely didn't like the taste of lemon juice... he took one bite of the chicken and spit it out. He also informed me that he only likes mashed potatoes... which, my baked potatoes were BARELY even baked. I'm a horrible cook! After he left, I puttered around, straightening up and getting the guest room ready. Ok, so I am a big dork, I know. But last weekend we were at my great grandparents house going through everything (since my great grandma is in a home)... and I found this old guitar with my grandpa's name on it! I was thrilled. I asked my grandpa if I could have it... and he sure as heck didn't want it (it has 2 strings left--if you can even call them "left"). So... I brought it home and tonight, hung it on the wall of my guest room. Hehe. Weird, I know.. but its sooo old and sooo cool!

Anyway--I made cookies and went through stuff, and did dishes and some laundry... but my house is still a wreck. Oh well.

I seriously ate too much junk today (baking always gets me! nibble nibble!)... I need to go to bed and sleep it off... and I have to get up early tomorrow!

Don't forget to check out that blog at the top of my post!!!


  1. Love your blog, and THANKS for showing me Bent Objects! That was great!

  2. That Bent Objects blog as super cool!!! :)

    LOL about X! Maybe if he gets mouthy i should now use lemon juice? Ahahahaha!!

    That guitar is cool! :)


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