Saturday, February 9, 2008

dreaded denim...

so today, i had to get some new jeans for work. where i work (shipping and receiving), i have to make sure i buy jeans that CAN get dirty. i am constantly running around in the muck and mud... and wiping dirt and grime off of my hands. sometimes even jumping in a forklift to zip around and move some pallets. well, unfortunately, i have been getting some pretty good size holes in my 2 favorite pair of work jeans. of course, the one day... i crouched down to write some information on a big stack of steel side plates... and happened to notice the BREEZE where the seam had come totally undone at the crotch. LOVELY. so, i had to sew those up pretty quick (not after being paranoid all day that everyone could notice). anyway,the holes are a no-no... because, despite being dirty, i must be at least SOMEWHAT presentable. i've got a hole in a knee and under the one back pocket on one pair... and one forming under the back pocket of another pair. *sigh* so i had to go JEAN SHOPPING. despite my somewhat small amount of weightloss over the past month... it was still torture. UGH! and after 3 stores... we finally ended up at Walmart... where i thought i could get a pair pretty cheap. $9 isn't too bad, right? These ones fit pretty well and the best part, is if i bend over--which i do often at work-- you can't see my lovely bottom hanging out. WELL, when they rang them out... they were $16! I questioned the cashier and she even went with another girl to the spot where they were stacked--and apparently i didn't look closely enough because the $9 pair were for "classic fit". i definitely can't wear classic fit with these hips! so i stuck with the $16 pair. life goes on!
while at the mall (jean shopping earlier).... cory and i spotted a crane machine. for those of you who know me well... you know how completely addicted i am to these games. they are just so much fun! (cory and i drove to brooklyn once to pick one up for my dad's auto shop waiting room---THAT was an adventure... and a story for another time). anyway.. my dog Boo has had this "baby" (its actually a stuffed bear) that she has totally loved and obliterated to pretty much rags. so today, my goal at the crane machine... WIN A NEW BABY FOR BOO!!! wouldn't ya know it... it only took 3 tries! I got her this quite gaudy valentine bear on the third try! I tried again with my last 50 cents to get something else, so technically you could say it cost me $2. what fun! and she LOVES it!!!! just had to share!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog ! Love your blog , checked out your Etsy shop , you have wonderful things !! Praying the best for you & your boyfriend !!

  2. hey nen! just responding to your comment about the supermom books. The recipes she has in her books aren't wierd, at all. They are not that expensive and they are quick downloads. let me know if you get them. I really enjoyed them.


  3. thank you for the tip about the milk book. I'll check it out and thank you for the websites as well. have a great day.

  4. awww..yay!!! Boo has a new baby! She looks so happy!!! :)

    Thanks for picking up those shirts for me! I appreciate it! :) Sorry your jeans ended being way too much money! AACK!


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