Thursday, February 21, 2008


So, I am getting over my cold... sort of. I'm definitely not blowing my nose as much. I'm not as tired either... but I'm still a little on the slow side and blow my nose often for good measure.

Tonight I am going to the first GLOW meeting. You can read about it on my sister's blog HERE.

Tomorrow, I would normally be going to The Scarlet Cord to volunteer, however, Cory insists that I stay home and rest. So, after work tomorrow, I'm not quite sure what I'll be doing. Either staying home and relaxing, or going to the Cord and trying to clean up a bit... because on Saturday we have FIVE bands coming in! I have to make salad, pick up rolls and make dessert for like 30-40 people! I was going to maybe have some people crash at my house, but I just have too much going on and my house is a wreck... plus.. I've been sick. So, I got out of that one. Thankfully!! AND...

Saturday in the morning, a bunch of us (the girls) on my mom's side of the family, are meeting for lunch about an hour and a half away. It's kind of a halfway point for meeting with a couple of aunts and my grammie. It's going to be a busy weekend! And to top it off--I haven't been watching my calories/exercising too much (and there are going to be goodies at tonight's meeting)... so I don't think my weigh-in on Monday is going to be too great!!! Oh well.

Happy Friday--tomorrow!

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  1. oh gosh, i hope the weather is OK for us to go tomorrow!! *fingers crossed*


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