Friday, February 15, 2008

Our Valentine's Day (night)...

Yesterday, as you all know, was Valentine's Day. Cory reserved tickets for us to see the movie "bella" at the Theater in the next town. Lucky he did, because when we got there, the line was already long and although we were one of the first ones in, every seat was taken by the time the movie started. But wait, I'm getting ahead of myself...... After work I stopped at a local convenience store and bought my first-ever-in-my-whole-life lottery ticket. I felt SO weird! I thought it would be fun to put in Cory's Valentine's Day card... and hey, it was only $1! So, I went home, got myself cleaned up from work... and met Cory at the Subway next to the theater (yes, quite the romantic!). The line was so long! Who would've thought that people would be at SUBWAY on Valentine's Day!? Sheesh! So, we scarfed our food and then hurried back to my car to exchange gifts. I gave him his first... which were the card (and the ticket--which was a dud. Oh well!)... some custom stamps of my dog Boo, and the whole Bible on CD (after MUCH research)... so that he can listen to it in his car while he travels. Then, came my gifts... which you can see in the picture--as well as 2 other books he didn't bring! Now, I know you must be thinking "what in the world!? books about anxiety, pain, depression!?"... well, I admit it is something I suffer from (which you may have known from reading some of my earlier posts). I suffer with it quite badly sometimes and Cory does all he knows how to do to help me. He's my shoulder to cry on (when I have no reason to be crying), my ear to listen (when I am scared or anxious about the future), and I know he truly loves me... or he would've been gone a long time ago. So, I appreciate the books very much... and I have started reading the one about Medicine. I would like to stop taking my Zoloft. ANYWAY! As we watched the line outside of the theater grow, we finally got out of the car... and Cory grabbed a bottle of water out of his car. I was like.. "what are you doing, you can't take that in"... and he said he was "thirsty". Then he opens his trunk and pulls out a beautiful bouquet of yellow roses (mini ones! so cute)... MY FAV! Hence, the flowers were "thirsty", not Cory. So we put the flowers in the water in my car to keep them fresh while we were at the movie. While in line... we chit chatted... and Cory's attention was obviously on the people who were walking inside--while we were standing outside in line FREEZING. He felt too silly to ask if "presale" tickets were able to go inside... SO, I did. ME! Miss "I don't like to talk to people I don't know"... I went and asked and wouldn't ya know... I got in!!! So, I flagged Cory in and we found our seats, etc. We had 45 mins till the movie started, LOL... so we just talked. Then, lucky us, we had two teenagers sit beside us. They were so comical in exchanging their Vday gifts. By comical, I mean... nerdy. It was so silly... and I tried not to listen, but they were kind of loud and it was hard not to! LOL! It was funny. Of course, they then proceeded to grace us with some commentary DURING the WHOLE movie.. which was rather irritating! Why can't people just be quiet? *sigh* So, the movie was good... but it made me CRY AND CRY AND CRY... the whole way home. I'm a goober. So, now tonight Cory is taking me out for dinner since we only had a chance to scarf some Subway last night! I am going to go try to make myself at least a little presentable!! I hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day!! Bye For Now!


  1. Wow!!! What a truly lovely evening!!! WAY more romantic than mine, i must say! LOL The roses are beautiful and I know you will enjoy reading the books! :) Glad you enjoyed the movie. What is it about? Why did you cry so much?
    Although, most of the time, you don't see two truly have a very sweet and romantic relationship. It has endured ALOT of trials and is never failing...embrace that and enjoy it. You are a very lucky girl...remember that! ;) have a great night!

  2. So sweet !! Your guy is a sweetheart ! And the book by C.S. Lewis is a good pick !!


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