Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Penpal Project!!

I don't know about you...

but I absolutely LOVE opening the mailbox to find packages and letters! Not those darn sales fliers and bills (although I DO love when my fav store, "Ollies", sends me a 10% off my whole purchase coupon!! *Except I forgot to take it with me last night--OOPS!*).

Well, the past week or so I have been lurking around Bianca's blog. She gets the most awesome mail I've ever seen, and I have just been drawn to her blog so that I can see what new things she gets every day! I have this addiction to all things paper, note card, greeting card, envelope, stamps, stickers... you get the idea. I had NO idea that the postal service actually allowed some of the crazy envelopes that Bianca gets! Over the years I have doodled on envelopes (and sometimes I even felt guilty about it!)... but I want to take it to a whole new level now!!!

In the mean time, I found this post through Bianca's blog from Indie Fixx called The Penpal Project. I am not as bold as Bianca to post my address on my blog for everyone in the world to see... although it IS tempting just because it'd be awesome to get the kind of mail she gets!! But with the Penpal Project, you post a comment telling a little about yourself... and you can read through other people's comments to see if you'd like to write to them. You swap addresses via email and VIOLA! You have a new penpal!! I posted a comment yesterday but didn't contact anyone myself. I figured I'd let other people decide if they want to write to me... and today I got a hit! WOOT! I have just finished my first letter to a new pal in Colorado!

I have always enjoyed writing to my penpals... and I still have 5 or 6 that I keep up with on a regular basis (depending on our schedules). My friend, Julie, and I found each other when we were 14 on Yahoo Chat (you know, when the internet was "new" to most homes). We decided to write letters instead of emails... and we still keep up faithfully to this day. We have even attended each others weddings! :) Friends-4-Life!

If you are looking to make a new friend and LOVE getting snail mail... I encourage you to check out the project!! You might just make the friend of a lifetime!


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Giveaway... & A Smile!

Sneak on over to JJ's blog to check out her giveaway! She's been trying her hand at the sewing machine and has made a little zipper pouch to giveaway to one lucky reader!!

Today has been kind of a crappy day for me... but every time I open my cellphone, I see this picture of my sister's kids and it makes me smile. I thought I'd share it here!

(Don't worry, those aren't their real teeth!!)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bath Time for Boo!

We have found 2 ticks on Boo in the past few days. We think they were dead because they came out without a hitch and her flea/tick meds are supposed to kill them shortly after they attach... but it's still GROSS nonetheless. There is nothing worse (ok, there ARE worse things...) than rubbing your pup's neck and your fingers brush past those hard tick shells. (Just thinking about it gives me the heebie-jeebies).

Cory did some research about when is a good time to give your dog a bath before they get their dose of monthly tick meds. They say to bathe 2 days before the meds... so last night was BATH TIME!

Boo did really good... and boy, she was dirty!

(Doesn't she look pitiful?)

After her bath, I had a fun time blow drying her. She LOVES it! It didn't get her all of the way dry, but it helped her not have to shake a billion times. (Which is nice for ME since then I don't have to wipe all of the splatter off of the wall!).

Here she is... ALL CLEAN and HAPPY!
(and a little frizzy!) :)

We love our clean Boo pup!

On a side note, Cory weighed himself yesterday and then picked up Boo and weighed them both together. She is 82 lbs! That is not good! She is about 12 lbs overweight. Last June she was 67 lbs! We are going to have to get her back down before her next vet appointment!! (and we don't even feed her people food!)

Saturday, March 27, 2010


I have debated on whether or not to post about this... but decided that I would so that I could vent a little.

The past couple of days I have been busy preparing a few things for the Bridal Shower of one of Cory's friend's fiancee. We know each other and aren't all that close, but I have been helping them with some wedding things when she is in the area (visiting the soon to be in-laws). I've addressed her Save-The-Dates, Shower Invites and Wedding Invitations. I've also helped with some other miscellaneous things.

Anyway, my mother-in-law and I decided to go in on a shower gift together. We got some baking items (cake mixes, icing, and these really cute decorations--star sprinkles, purple nonpareils, sunflowers, and sea critters--stuff that you can't just buy at Walmart). We got a basket and some basket filler to arrange it all in. Then, I spent a lot of time yesterday sewing this really cute apron. I wrapped the apron in a box, placed the basket with the other items on top and then put them all in a gift basket bag and tied it up with a bow.
(Excuse my poor photography)

I also baked some cookies to take to the shower, which they had asked me to do... and which I had no problem doing! (Although the recipe was not as easy as I had expected and ended up turning into quite the headache! haha)

So, today... I head on over to the shower. I knew a few people, but most of it was the family of the groom. After a few minutes of finding a seat, etc... the groom's grandmother came over to get me and introduce me to some of her sister's and her daughter and granddaughter. I felt awkward as she fussed over how I'd done all of the "beautiful handwriting" on the invitations. But I smiled.


The one lady said, "Well, when you don't have anything else to do..."


I could feel my face burning. I was kind of in shock. What was THAT supposed to mean? I don't even know these people!

So, I just kind of smiled.

One of the other ladie's said, "Oh, don't you work?" and I said, "No..." (unless you count the cooking, cleaning, sewing, crafting and oh, that's right WEDDING STUFF that I have spent hours on for this upcoming wedding.... But I didn't say that, of course.)

Another lady said, "Just for the short term, right?" (Am I supposed to have a job? Cuz it sure was feeling like it.)

I explained that my husband works and we decided that I would stay home (though I didn't mention it was because we had expected to conceive fairly soon and wanted me to stay home--which obviously hasn't been the case. But that heartache is none of their business). I also said that we live within our means and don't need a lot of extras. I tried to be nice and act like it was no big deal. They promptly started going on about where they worked... meanwhile I smiled and nodded, all the while feeling like I had just been handed a big sign that says LOSER. Luckily, the activities started shortly thereafter and I was able to escape to my seat.

Fast forward to the time of present opening...

The bride-to-be starts to take the plastic wrap off of the gift basket I had made up. After pulling the basket out of the plastic and people start asking what is in it, she promptly makes the comment, "Baking stuff... Oh. Except I don't bake."

(WHAT?! Then why did you have a bazillion cupcake tins, cookie sheets and cake pans on your registry??)

I thought that our gift basket (to go along with the apron) was a cute idea. I was excited about the specialty cake decorations we got her!

It just kind of hurt my feelings and made me wonder why I put so much time and effort into it all when she had that kind of reaction. Yeah, maybe the cost of some cake mixes aren't all that expensive... but you can hardly put a price on the time, effort and money that it took to sew the apron. And thank goodness my mother-in-law helped pay for some of the items because I wouldn't have had the money to put it all together myself.


Perhaps the bride-to-be and the lady from earlier on didn't mean to sound so rude... but I've spent most of my day stewing over it (much to Cory's chagrin) and I really don't know how to just blow it off. I know I will... eventually. It might just take a few days...

Friday, March 26, 2010

Flashback Friday #19

Ok, I have a lot to do today... so this is going to be a quick Flashback without a long drawn out story!!

Here I am in 1984...

We had one of those little round plastic pools that my parents set out on our back deck for us girls to play in! I don't know why I am making that face... but my fingers were so chubby! hehe

Join in on the fun over at Christopher&Tia's!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I am still in shock over my Stationery Swap Surprise (WOOT!)... I wanted to send you over to Lara's blog to see her post about the swap as well.

I am off to my hometown today! Only about an hours drive... but I'll be in the bug... and it's supposed to be windy today! That should make the drive quite interesting!! We pulled him out of storage on Sunday, but I'm having an issue with the brake lights, so my dad is going to take a look at it. (Don't worry, ONE light still works... so I won't be too hazardous out on the road!)

(This was last June when we were taking my nephew on a VW Car Cruise!)

I am on day 3 of not eating sweets. Let me tell ya... it's NO FUN! I miss my sugar! But I am doing well with it and fighting the cravings. I don't feel so sluggish either... which is a PLUS!

Oh... and one last little note......

Last night, I was awoken to the loud and very pathetic
of my cat... right outside our bedroom door. We keep her out of the bedroom most of the time because of Cory's allergies. If she lays all over our bed... it gets him all sniffley and sneezey. Anyway, since I was awake and it was obvious she wasn't going to stop crying, I decided to get up and see what her deal was. The instant I walked out of the bedroom, Weezer went running into the bathroom and started to eat. (We keep her food in there for lack of a better place to put it at the moment--where Boo can't get to it as easily). She ate and ate... and then ran out and went downstairs. She is so weird! I went back to bed and as soon as I laid my head on the pillow, I could hear her down in the living room batting around her favorite mouse toy.
This was at 1:45AM.
I will never understand the mind of a cat.
Why did she cry and cry outside of our door when she could have easily just walked in, ate food and then gone downstairs to play? I just don't get it. But I love her... so she is forgiven for waking me up. hehe

Here is the princess lounging around in the sun the other day...

(Even though she looks it, she really isn't mean... just a bit Sassy!)
Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Stationery Swap Surprise!

Last month, I found a bloggy stationery swap over at Time After Tea. I didn't realize that the deadline for entering the swap had already passed by a day or so... however, Megan was gracious enough to add me into the fun! A few days later, I got an email that my swap partner was Lara over at Sam Harvey.

I have to be honest...

After browsing her blog... I felt quite intimidated! Here I am, piddling around with my great grandma's old sewing machine... making tote bags and aprons. There she is with her own LINE of hand bags! Not to mention her fun, artsy fashion sense!! (And did I mention, she's gorgeous?) We emailed each other (she was totally fun and pleasant!!) and decided that we were up for anything... and during the next couple of weeks, I kept my eyes open for stationery, note cards and odds&ends.

I didn't take a picture of the box I sent her... but it included a thrift shop find of a basket-type box (to hold it all), some mini rolls of ribbon, sharpies (fine point, of course!), different types of note cards and stationery, stickers, tags, paper clips and a couple of flower barrettes that I made for her daughters. Not as great as I had hoped... but I did what I could with my limited budget!

Today, my package from Lara arrived! I saw the mail carrier stick a box in the mailbox... so I didn't waste any time to throw on some shoes and brave the cold rain to retrieve it! To say that I was speechless upon opening it is an understatement. I actually almost cried! Please excuse my poor photography skills... but check it out!!!

She sent me my very own BAG!! I am still floored! I instantly picked up my phone to call my husband, mom and sister. I just HAD to tell someone! Not only did she send me a bag... but she sent me note cards (made from pics she had taken), a pen(cil) case type bag that matches the inside of my Sam Harvey bag, multiple fun pens AND some freaking sweet red carved wooden buttons. Again, please excuse my horrid picture taking skills...

I could not be more thrilled!!

Please check out her blog and the Sam Harvey website! You won't be disappointed!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Have You Ever...

...watched a chicken lay an egg?

Sometimes Cory and I like to watch our chickens. They are funny little creatures at times... and are actually quite amusing to watch as they run around, trying to snatch up little pieces of food and bugs. It may sound silly, but they each seem to have their own personalities. We have one chicken (Maxine) who seems to rule the roost. Of course, only having 6 chickens makes it easier to observe them and keep track of which chicken is which.

Friday, we got this huge egg... which was thrilling to my easily amused mind!

Then, yesterday afternoon, Cory decided to turn over some dirt in the chicken run. Naturally they have picked all of the grass out of the run... so it's just a big fenced in slab of dirt and pooh now. Turning the earth allows the chickens to spend time picking at little pieces of roots and bugs, etc. I went up with him to throw some scraps to them... and eventually one of the chickens hauled butt into the coop and sat down in one of the nesting boxes. I don't really know how long it takes a chicken to lay an egg... but I assumed that since she went straight into the box, she was hoping to lay soon. So I watched. And I waited. I tried to get a couple of different angles to view from. The chicken kept fidgeting and getting up to turn around in the box. Finally, she stood up. So I strained to see if there was an egg in the box. The angle definitely wasn't the best and all I could see was her feet and a little bit of feathers. Just as I was about to give up and walk back down to the house with Cory... I sat there crouched on the ground thinking, 'I should make it a point to watch a chicken lay an egg someday before I die.' I mean, how many people REALLY have ever seen a chicken lay an egg?? (Unless they watched it on YouTube or something). I was just about to get up... and then all of a sudden... PLOP!!! The egg just dispensed right out onto the floor of the nesting box! The chicken was standing when she laid the egg! Definitely NOT what I was expecting! It was SO neat though! I think Cory snickered and shook his head at me for being so excited... but hey, it's not every day you see a chicken lay an egg!! Like I said before, I'm easily amused. :)

I don't like to get into politics on my blog... but I thought that THIS article was very informative on health care. NOTE: I oppose the gov't health care plan... and I do not wish to debate. Plain and simple.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Flashback Friday #18

When I was a junior and senior in high school, I decided (with my parents permission, of course) to home school. I hated going to school every day... the people... the classes... the pressures. I literally was sick from anxiety before we left to pick up a few of my sister's friends in her '67 beetle on the way to the high school each morning. (My sister can tell you ALL about it.. LOL!) I admit, my decision cost me some friendships. Looking back though, I realize that those were only "surface" friendships anyway. As real friends, we would have hung out regardless of whether or not we sat together at lunch or shared the same classes.

Anyway... in the winter of my senior year, I would drive over to my sister's place and she would help me with physics. I honestly don't remember anything about it... but I had to do the work and she was the one person I could go to that would explain it to me. Often times we would loaf around and watch Bob Ross on TV and not do the physics until the show was over... haha... and in the midst of it all, my sis would be running to the sink or toilet to gag at any smell (she was pregnant with her first). LOL! Oh, the memories.

During this time of tutoring... at one point her brother-in-law, who was still in high school also, brought over one of his friends. Somehow me and this friend got to hanging out... mostly at my sister's because he lived 25 mins away and her place was kind of the in between spot. He was nice, played on the basketball team, had a face like a baby doll... I really couldn't complain. We decided to "go out"... and during that time, he asked me to his prom. (He was a junior and went to a different school than the one I grew up in). I figured that since most of my friendships fizzled at my school when I decided to home school... I wouldn't miss much by not going to that prom (plus, I didn't technically GO to that school anymore, so I think I would've had to jump thru some hoops to get a ticket anyway). Oh, the thrill of going to prom with your boyfriend! I had never had a *boyfriend* take me to my previous 2 proms.

Well, at one point during our "going out"... we shared our first kiss! And OH WHAT A KISS THAT WAS!

Totally disgusting.

I didn't make a habit of going around kissing many guys... but man, that kid did NOT know how to kiss. I literally cringed at the thought of hanging out with him... wondering if he'd want to kiss me again. It was quite sad, really... because he was a nice guy. And what was I going to do? Tell him that he was an awful kisser!? (ICK!!) So... a few weeks before prom, we talked (not about the kissing!!) and decided that we would just be friends (phew!). I offered to NOT go to the prom with him... because I kind of knew he had his eye on someone else anyway... but I think his mom made him take me since we'd already committed to it. Or else he was just trying to be nice.

So I tanned, popped some diet pills... and got my hair done. The night came and I felt desperately awkward, although I actually felt good about the way I looked (which is RARE). We stopped at his house to say hello to his parents. Awkward. We went out to eat with some of his friends. Awkward. We went to the high school where family and friends were waiting with their cameras... snapping a bajillion pictures. Awkward. And then... I was left alone with a gym full of people I didn't know... and a guy that wasn't my boyfriend anymore. Needless to say, I didn't take many pictures. THEN, I had to go to a lodge for an "after prom over nighter" where, again, I knew no one really... and slept on the floor with bobby pins jabbing my scalp all night! Like I said... awkward.

Later on we found out that my mom LOST her roll of film before it got developed... so the photo your about to see is the only one I've got from that evening. (Some day I hope that we find that lost roll of film--just out of curiosity).

So here ya go... PROM 2001... one of the most awkward nights of my life.

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Our Very Own Woody Woodpecker!

I mustered all of the energy I could yesterday to haul my butt outside and hang out a load of laundry. I just could not bring myself to toss the clothes in the dryer when the sun was shining and the breeze was blowing just a bit. I have been waiting for the opportunity to hang out the laundry... and by golly... I was going to do it! So there I was at the clothes line, clothes pin in mid-clamp... when I heard this pounding. I had heard it before when I would take care of the chickens in the morning... but never really paid attention to it. Well, this time... it was CLOSE! I looked over to a tree on the side of our yard... and there it was. This beautiful... HUGE... woodpecker! I was shocked at how big it was... and also shocked that it was so low on the trunk of the tree. Low enough that I could have touched it if I was close enough (and I'm short!)--of course, I'm sure it wouldn't want me touching it.

After my sudden surprise of it all, I used up what little energy I had left to run back into the house and grab my camera. When I came back out and walked toward the tree... the darn thing let out a very shrill call and flew off. DANG IT! But I saw where it went... to another tree at the edge of our property... so I got a few pictures. I think it knew I was watching it because it kept moving around the tree when I would get it into view! The little stinker! But I finally got a couple of shots!
He flew off JUST as I took this second picture! I was lucky enough to capture it... although it's not the best angle. As I was walking back to the house, I decided to take a gander at the tree... and this is what I found...
We are going to look into what type of damage this might cause to the tree... I can't imagine it's good for it!

Oh yeah, and when I finally finished hanging up the laundry and came back inside, I took a 2 hour nap. Man, I hate being sick!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'm Sick.

After going all season without hardly a sniffle... I am now hacking and coughing, sniffling and sneezing. Miserable. I am hoping some over-the-counter meds will work because I really don't want to have to go to the doctor!!!

Here is a pic of a 5-leaf clover I found last year....
Happy St. Patty's Day!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Flashback Friday #17

I skipped Flashback Friday last week. I just seemed to have other things going on and no time to search for a photo. But this week... I found one from prom. I've gone to 3 proms in my life. The first was shared a number of weeks ago right here on Flashback Friday. My date looked like a leprechaun and I barely had a reason to even buy a dress. If you're interested in that story... you can view it HERE.

This week is a picture with my cousin Meghan (again... we spent most of our growing up years together!) and our friend Will. He didn't go to our school... but his girlfriend did... so he came to our prom. I really don't remember much about that evening... except WHY did I wear a blue leopard print dress? Truly, I don't know what I was thinking. Maybe it was in my efforts to try to be different than anyone else... yet not TOO different. Who knows! Gross.
(Not sure what is up with our mouths... weird.)

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

B-B-B-Birthday Time!!

Tomorrow is my mother-in-law's birthday. As far as I know, she does not read my blog (although she probably would if I gave her the link). Since I really have no fear of spoiling the surprise... I wanted to share a couple of pictures of the presents I made her! I am very tickled about the finished products. I love the fabric and I really just loved making these items because I know that she will truly appreciate the time and effort I put into making them just for her!! (I am also baking a cake to take to her house tomorrow evening after Cory gets home from work)--Please don't mind my horrible photography skills!!

First, here is the TOTE:

And here are the "accessories"... a doggie bag wristlet (for those pesky dog walking messes), a drawstring pouch and a tissue pack holder (AND... a view of the items inside the tote):

On a crappy note.... I started getting a sore throat last night... so I took some advice and ate some garlic. Yes, straight up garlic. WOW... wow. It was strong... however, I could feel the burn at the back of my mouth and throat. So far, so good... no more sore throat (although my sinuses are still a little "iffy"). We'll see how long it lasts! Has anyone else tried this method??

Have a great Thursday!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Our Girls...

Things are back to normal at the Hen House. The new girl is adjusting... I named her Tilly. We have some work to do on her to fatten her up... but that shouldn't be too hard! We have been getting a fair amount of eggs from all of the girls and expect to get more as the weather improves (slowly, but surely)!!

Today I plan on sewing some things for my Mother In Laws birthday (Friday)... and running to the store... so there isn't much to report on.

I thought I'd share a couple of pictures of my babies.

I love it when Weezer lays in weird positions. I know, I'm biased! What can I say!?

Boo is the biggest baby EVER... and was lounging back on Cory. It looks like he is holding her... but he really isn't. We often rub her legs... so that's why he is "holding" her leg. She is SO spoiled!! :)

We love our girls!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Drama at the Hen House

*Phrase of the Day: "stupid.piece.of.crap!"

Today should have started off like any other day... Wake up, get Cory's lunch ready, say goodbye, do some dishes, turn on the news and browse the web while I eat breakfast, take a shower.... and finally around 9AM, go feed the chickens. That would be a pretty normal morning for me... and I like my routine.

Today, however... things went askew early on.

I accidentally knocked something off of my nightstand at 5AM, waking Cory and resulting in a successful search for dropped item. When Cory was leaving for work, he didn't stick to our routine and backed almost fully out of the driveway before realizing he didn't wave to me in the window (we're corny, I know... however he did pull back up once he realized and we did get to wave!). I also dropped a clean armful of laundry on the steps. The steps that I haven't swept in over a week... Grr.

THEN.... came the chickens.

I went up to feed them like any normal day, gather eggs, give them water. The weather has been getting nicer, so it's a little less of a hassle than in 10 degree weather, trudging through the snow (although by afternoon, it's pretty much a muddy mess... which is not so nice). Anyway... I noticed that there were 2 chickens in one nesting box. I reached in to grab a couple of eggs and decided that I would open the door to the nesting boxes to see if there was an egg being pecked at by the 2 said chickens. (They were being a little pesky, so I knew something was up). The second I opened the door, one bald chicken popped her head out! *gasp!!!* I was NOT expecting a bald chicken!! I quickly realized that this chicken (who I'll now refer to as SISSY) was being picked on by the other chicken (aka: MONSTER). Being pretty new to the chicken scene, I wasn't quite sure what to do. I knew that I needed to get Monster away from Sissy... but I wasn't 100% certain what the best course of action would be. I went to the house and called my mom... who informed me that Sissy definitely must be separated from the others (although Monster seems to be the only one interested in Sissy's demise). *sigh* The immediate option is to close the coop door and keep Sissy inside and the other girls out. Well, the genius that I am... asked my Father In Law, at the time of coop construction, to fashion the door so as it could also be the ramp for the girls to use to get inside. HA! What a nightmare that idea has been!! Made sense at the time, at least to me... however, NOW in lieu of the pending problem, I realize that the coop door won't shut due to the build up of chicken crap at the hinges. Not fun. I found a chisel, thanks to Cory's directions... meanwhile I am NOT happy about any of this.... and I go up to the coop to chisel out the pooh.
(Picture is from July when our chickens were still wee babes and the coop was recently constructed. You can see the gap at the top of the ramp... which this morning was a mound of crap!).

This chiseling activity resulted in confused chickens, crap flying in my face and hair, stepping in crap... and my many mumbles and grumbles about the whole thing. Meanwhile, Monster will NOT leave Sissy alone! Anywhere Sissy goes, Monster is sure to follow. So irritating!

Finally I got the crap chiseled out so that the door would JUST shut... *phew*. However, then I spent another 20 minutes trying to get Monster out of the coop! About the time I would get her out, Sissy would slip out... or some other stupid clucker would slip in! I just could NOT get them all separated! And Sissy, being the sissy chicken that she is... would not just run to safety! This resulted in my many uses of the Phrase of the Day (*see above). The neighbors probably think I'm a kook... running around the coop and in the run, uttering mean things to those chickens.

I finally took a piece of wood and was able to use it swoosh Sissy into the coop (though Monster wasn't far behind!)... and got the door latched... although Sissy seemed pretty distraught.... and the other chickens did NOT like that the door was closed!

I had to come back to the house and take another shower (just couldn't shake the icky feeling of having chicken pooh ricochet off of my face... and more than likely... sticking in my hair).

Later on, we are going to do a chicken exchange with my mom. She is going to take Sissy to hole up in her barn to heal... while we get one of her healthy chickens.

Who knew chickens could cause so much drama? Although it has just added to an already weird day.

On the bright side, when I put on a clean pair of jeans after shower #2... I found $8 in the pocket! WOOT!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pickle Pop!!

I like Pickles. Regular old Dill Pickles. I'm not a big fan of those sweet pickles... bread & butter pickles... or anything of the sort. I just like plain old pickles. However... I'm not so sure about THIS...

(Photo: Fox News)

I came across this on the Fox News website as I was browsing the news... trying to find out what the deal is about the Post Office not delivering mail on Saturday (anyone heard the scoop on that yet??). If you are a pickle fanatic... you may have just found LOVE. I, however, just can't imagine eating one of these!!! If you want to read the full story... go HERE!!! I'm curious to know who thinks they would prefer a 'pickle pop' over a regular, sugary popcicle!? If I had the opportunity, I'd probably *try* a pickle pop...

Today, I am helping out a friend by addressing her wedding invites. There are over 200 envelopes to address, so I need to get crackin'! We just found out that the place where the Reception is being held, requires the guest count by April 1!!! (Wedding is in May) So things are running a bit behind!

Happy Tuesday Pickle Lovers!